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Oh no, not another DIY hair-dye treatment gone wrong!  Every time you think you’ve mastered this, something never quite goes your way and you end up making a bigger mess than before. Now you’ve got to brace yourself for that walk of shame you have to make into the hair salon hoping the stylist can salvage what’s left of your hairdo. 

Thankfully, that’s the only embarrassment you’ll have to endure. Because with Booksy, everything else is stress free and seamless. From finding the perfect hair salon in your area that matches your pockets to making that booking. And the best part about it is that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your couch. With just a few clicks, your booking will be secured! No need to phone around or text the hair salon to make extra sure. Now, the hardest part awaits – the walk of shame into that hair salon. But don’t worry, just as we were here for the process, we’ll be here right after cheering you on with your new look!

Can I book my hair salon appointment online in Umhlanga Rocks?

Booksy is super quick and easy to use. On the Booksy platform you will find the best hair salons in Umhlanga Rocks, be able to view their rates and availability, and even leave a review after your treatment for other clients to see. You will need a device with internet, like a phone , tablet or computer. You can make your booking online through the Booksy web page, or by downloading our free mobile app. No subscription or sign-up fee is needed for our app. Once your appointment is confirmed, Booksy will also send reminders of your upcoming treatments. 

How can I find the best hair salons near me?

Once you’ve figured out what treatment is best suited for you, you can use the Booksy platform to filter your search to find the best hair salon in your area. Our wide range of local health and beauty salons allows you to tailor your search according to your price range, location, and even specific hair stylist. With Booksy, you can even use the map view to search for hair salons in Umhlanga Rocks, and then compare their rates and reviews before making your final pick.

How can I find affordable hair salons in Umhlanga Rocks?

With so many hair salons in the area, it’s almost impossible to choose which one to go to. It’s like going to a candy store and trying to choose your ultimate favourite candy! But this also makes it slightly harder to find a reasonably priced hair salon that also ticks off all your other preferences. Well, on the Booksy platform, the first bit of information we provide is an average price range of the day spa, even before you open up their profile. You can click on their profile if you need an in-depth breakdown of their prices, services and monthly specials. If the prices look good, you can favourite their profile and use it to compare it with other hair salons in the area before you make your final decision.

How can I find hair salons in Umhlanga Rocks that are open right now?

All hair salons will have their working hours easily visible when you click on their profile so you can choose your preferred date and time based on their availability easily, without having to call or text to confirm your booking. You can also view their monthly or weekly schedule on their profile. When you click on a certain day, you will find their detailed available slots as well.  An estimate of how long treatments are will be underneath each treatment type. This gives you an idea of planning your schedule around these appointments.

How can I find a hair salon that is open near me?

By using the Booksy mobile app or our web page, you can find the best hair salons in Umhlanga Rocks that are currently open. Make sure the location settings on your device is turned on. Booksy can then track your location and filter your search to provide the best hair salons in your area. You can also search for an available hair salon by choosing your preferred appointment date and let Booksy filter your search that way instead