The post-COVID challenges and opportunities in the aesthetic industry

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We invited Rebecca Francis, owner of Eastbourne and London’s Harley Street Francis Clinic, to discuss the state of the aesthetic industry after the COVID lockdowns. How can you succeed in such a competitive industry? Is there a way to make your brand grow despite the difficulties? What are the current trends and how can you benefit from them? Join us to find out!

Working in the aesthetic industry can be very demanding. Every day you face obstacles such as exaggerated client expectations (driven by the wonders of Instagram), appointment calls 24/7  and a chronic lack of time. The pandemic has only added new challenges to the batch. Is there anything you can do to make your job a little easier while giving your revenues a nice boost?

Rebecca Francis joined us to share her experience and tips on how to further develop your aesthetic business with the help of smart software. Thanks to her expertise, you’ll learn how to enhance your client’s experience, grow and protect your revenue, monitor product sales and promote your business online.

Did you come across any obstacles when starting your business?

Why choose a booking system?

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Why Booksy?

Getting clients to book on Booksy

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How does Booksy support your business?

What are your favourite Booksy features?

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Using Booksy to communicate with clients

How has Boost benefited your business?

What’s your advice for industry peers?

You can watch the full version of our webinar by clicking here. Are you interested in seeing for yourself how much Booksy can improve your business? You can test-drive our software for free by starting a trial account. Join Rebecca and thousands of other health & beauty professionals who keep developing their businesses with the help of our management system. Get Started with Booksy - Free Trial Button