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Use Booksy to Offer Gift Cards, Packages, and Memberships

Booksy Pro Tablet Screen - Gift Cards & Bundles

Sleigh bells are ringing, yuletide carols are being sung, and the new year is only weeks away. Don’t let the holidays pass by without taking a few steps to earn some additional income and attract new clients. To make sure that’s the case this holiday season, take advantage of Gift Cards, Packages, and Memberships

These three different features are all designed to help you attract more repeat business by turning new clients into regular customers. Gift Cards, Packages, and Memberships can also add diversity to your offerings, while encouraging customers to show their loyalty. And these three tools can bring in upfront revenue, especially when marketed during the holidays. 

Once your client orders a Gift Card, Package, or Membership through your Booksy profile, they will automatically receive a message with available payment methods. Choose between bank transfers or accepting a credit card payment over the phone. Or use a contact free electronic payment such as PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, or Zelle.

Whether you're an independent contractor or managing a team, make it easy for clients to get the most from your business during the holidays. Spend the next few minutes reading about Gift Cards, Packages, and Memberships. Then get started using them today. 


Gift Cards 

Always keep in mind that Booksy Gift Cards for clients are a great way to bring in additional revenue. But on a more personal note—customers love them, especially this time of year. Clients can order Gift Cards from your Booksy profile for themselves or send them to their family and friends. 

When someone is given a Booksy Gift Card for your services, as opposed to being given cash, that customer has a strong incentive to schedule an appointment with you. Gift Cards make it easy for customers to spend money in your chair. And it gives you the opportunity to meet new clients, who can return to spend more. So, when you’re ready to start offering Gift Cards for clients, here's how:

Setting up Gift Cards

  • Under Manage Gift Cards click the + icon to add a new Gift Card
  • Add the Gift Card name and description
  • Assign the price and value, which don't have to be the same
  • Choose whether or not you would like to sell this Gift Card online via your Booksy Profile
  • Set your expiration and assign a tax rate
  • Select specific Services if you'd like to limit what the Gift Card can be used for
  • Click Save

Booksy Pro Tablet Screen - Gift Cards & Bundles


One of the main benefits to setting up Packages is that they can help you sell multiple services in just one transaction. In short, offering Packages is considered cross-selling. Major corporations use this business strategy to successfully earn extra dollars from customers throughout the holiday season. So, feel encouraged to apply this successful business strategy.

Just like Gift Cards and Memberships, Packages are a great way to encourage repeat visits. Clients who pay for multiple upfront services are almost guaranteed to return to your business to redeem their purchase. And that gives you added opportunities to turn new clients into loyal regulars. To begin offering Packages, follow these easy steps:

Setting up Packages

  • Click Manage Packages to view all of your Packages
  • To add a new Package click the + icon
  • Add the Package name and description
  • Add the price you want to charge for the Package, which can be less than the value of included services
  • Choose an expiration date
  • Select the tax rate
  • Choose which Services the Package should include
  • Click Save

Mens Haircut Package


When it comes to Memberships, know that this feature lets you offer customers unlimited visits to your shop, salon, or wellness center. And that almost guarantees that you'll be regularly seeing some of your favorite clients, who probably love to reward your expertise through generous tips. 

Choose the services that you’d like to offer, and select your prices. Then get ready to increase customer loyalty, while setting up predictable revenue streams. Offering Memberships lets you focus additional energy on your customer relationships. And it’s easy to sell more services to generate more income in just a few clicks. Perform these steps to activate Memberships:

Setting up Memberships

  • Click Manage Memberships to view all of your Memberships
  • To add a new Membership click the + icon
  • Add the Membership name and description
  • Add the price you want to charge for the Membership, remembering that services will be unlimited
  • Choose the length of the Membership
  • Select the tax rate
  • Choose which Services the Membership should include
  • Click Save

Booksy Pro Tablet Screen - Memberships

Additional Information 

When it comes to accessing Gift Cards, Packages, and Memberships—the Booksy software lets you create, manage, and redeem all of these tools from any of your online devices. But you will only be able to sell them via Booksy Biz Pro on your tablet or computer. 

From a mobile phone, tablet, or web device, it’s easy to create or manage and review pending requests. View a list of purchased Gift Cards, Packages, and Memberships. Or customize the confirmation message that clients receive by creating your own unique text to explain the details about how to redeem your Gift Cards, Packages, and Memberships.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to sell these to a client if you’re ringing up the transaction on a mobile device. If they're using a mobile device, the client will have to log into the Booksy client app, find your business, click Gift Cards, and then click Order. 

Following that process initiates the request for Gift Cards, Packages, and Memberships. But you can approve every request and coordinate payment from a mobile device, tablet, or online. Additionally, it won’t be possible to accept payment for Gift Cards through Mobile Payments or any other Booksy payment methods. But it’s easy to coordinate payments within the software. 


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