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Elevate Your Business: Online Gift Cards Available on Booksy

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Discover the hassle-free way to sell online gift cards directly from your Booksy Profile. A seamless and effective solution designed to empower hair, beauty, and wellness businesses to provide clients with the gift of choice and convenience. Our latest update makes it a breeze for clients to purchase gift cards. No more dealing with Venmo or cash. Clients pay – and you get paid – all inside Booksy.

Plus, Booksy's online gift cards are customizable, giving you complete flexibility. Start offering this incredible benefit today, keep reading to discover all of the benefits.

Boost Your Business with Improved Online Gift Cards

Gift cards for hair, salon, and spa services are more than thoughtful gifts; they're powerful tools for increasing revenue and building customer loyalty. When clients purchase a gift card, they're not just buying a product; they're expressing their confidence in your services. Our customizable gift card templates are key—they help you make a lasting impression.

At Booksy, we've simplified the gift card management process. Our platform now offers customizable templates for hair, beauty, and salon gift certificates, tailored to mirror your unique brand identity. This integration makes your gift cards more attractive and minimizes your administrative workload.


The Impact of Gift Cards: Insights and Statistics

Incorporating gift cards into your service offerings can lead to significant business growth. Whether it's a salon or hair salon gift certificate, each type can draw in a diverse clientele, each looking for specific services. Research supports this: businesses with gift card programs typically see an influx of new customers. According to a First Data study, 72% of gift card recipients spend beyond the card's value, with an average extra spend of $27.

Implementing Gift Cards On Your Business

Setting up your improved online gift cards with Booksy is both simple and beneficial. We'll guide you step by step 

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How to set up Online Gift Cards in your Booksy Profile 

To process Online Gift Card sales through Booksy, you’ll need to set up Mobile Payments and verify your account. Here’s how it works: 

  •  Verify your account via Stripe in Settings > Payments & Checkout > Account Verification 
  •  Head to Settings > Gift Cards > Manage Gift Cards (for mobile) Gift Cards & Bundled Services (if you're on the web/tablet version)  > to create and manage your gift cards
  • Clients can purchase gift cards directly from your Booksy Profile 

If you’ve got any questions our FAQ is prepared to answer all of them, click here to read more 

Maximizing the Benefits of Booksy's Online Gift Cards

Booksy's Commitment to Your Business's Success

At Booksy, we are committed to supporting your business in the barbering, hair, beauty, and wellness industries. If you have questions about launching your online gift card program, using our salon gift certificate templates, or promoting spa gift cards, our customer support team is ready to help.

Get started today and start bringing in some extra revenue. Happy gifting!

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