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Your 'Back-to-Business 101' Checklist

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‘Back-to-Business 101’ Checklist

Restrictions being lifted are on the horizon, and we’re sure you’re looking forward to getting back to business, doing what you love, and making your clients happy; but in the safest and most business-savvy way possible. That’s why we’ve put together a checklist of what you might need to consider when preparing to reopen.

Here are a few ways to help you get back up and running and update your customers about what will happen when you reopen and how they can continue to support you. 

Updating Your Work Schedule

You may have made the decision to extend your working hours once you’ve reopened, or introduce some atypical shifts among your team members to minimize how many people you have in your shop at one time. Utilize Work Schedule to make the changes quickly, effectively, and be able to show to both you and your clients, who is working and when.

Update Your Calendar Settings

One of the benefits of Booksy is that your customers can schedule appointments up to 24 months in advance depending on your account settings. 

Take these steps to adjust the time frame for future bookings: 

  1. Open your Booksy app profile and select  “Settings” and then click “Booking Settings.” 
  2. Select “Booking for Future.”
  3. Select how far in advance clients are able to schedule an appointment. We recommend you allow bookings to be made at least 3-6 months in advance during this time. 

Re-open Your Calendar 

Get ready to welcome back those clients with virtual open arms and an open calendar! If you previously changed your available open times,

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