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Eliminate No-Shows and Cancellations with Booksy’s Mobile Payments

Eliminate No-Shows and Cancellations with Booksy’s Mobile Payments

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Running the financial side of a business is a responsibility that can consume countless hours. If you’re a beauty or wellness professional, who’s managing your own shop or chair, taking time to personally handle every financial detail and conduct each monetary transaction isn’t ideal.

To make things easier for Booksy business owners, we created Mobile Payments. Mobile Payments takes away the stress of handling every financial transaction. Over the years, this tool has been able to help salons, barbershops, and wellness centers stay on track.

With the added stress of COVID-19, the Mobile Payments feature has become even more useful. Mobile Payments are contact-free transactions that eliminate the need for exchanging cash. This is important because health officials agree that handling cash can spread COVID-19.

Using Mobile Payments Like a Pro

After dedicating 27 years to the grooming industry, Curtis knows when to appreciate a service that can help him run his business that he proudly named Mr. Barber. After only using the Mobile Payments feature for less than six months, this tool has already helped him save valuable time, energy, and money—something any professional can appreciate.

Loyal customers who appreciate his work, applaud the relaxing experience. For them, the big appeal is the combination of professionalism, puncionality, cleanliness, and the overall attention to detail that Curtis and his staffers consistently provide. Part of the reason that Curtis is able to offer such craftsmanship is because of the time and energy he saves using BooksyBiz features.

In particular, Curtis is able to conveniently use the BooksyBiz app to find the Mobile Payments feature in the same place, where he finds so many useful business tools. So, instead of logging in and out of numerous online applications, Curtis can manage his finances with Booksy.

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Eliminate No-Shows and Cancellations 

The main reason Curtis speaks so highly about Mobile Payments is because of its impact on his cancellations. According to Curtis, once he started using Mobile Payments, he was able to set up his own personal Cancellation Policy to deter no-shows and last minute cancellations.

Curtis charges clients 50% for any grooming service, upfront. And he gives customers 24 hours to cancel without a penalty. If a client cancels, outside of that timeframe, he keeps the down payment.

“It definitely saves a tremendous amount of money. Typically, people make their appointments, and tragically with barber appointments, people are very likely to cancel because there’s no real commitment. Before I started using this service there was really no upfront cost to the client. So, they would allow other appointments or activities to let them cancel randomly,” 

“I’ve actually had those clients who come in here and said, ‘I had to make sure I was here on time.’ If they’re running a little late, you know. Now, they try to make arrangements. Simply because cancelling an appointment comes at a cost to them. And that works perfectly,”

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