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Jelly Nails : The Hottest Nail Look of the Year!

Jelly Nails : The Hottest Nail Look of the Year!


If you’re wondering what the hottest nail trend this summer is, the answer is clear. In fact, it’s literally clear—it’s jelly nails! Jelly nails, also known as “see-through nails” or “glass nails,” have been blowing up Instagram ever since Kylie Jenner shared her favorite jelly nail looks this past July.

With over 16,000 posts and counting, the hashtag #JellyNails is serving up the hottest trend in nails today. Which means it’s also driving demand in nail salons all over America.

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Kylie made it official: Jelly nails are the hottest look of the summer

Are you Ready for This Jelly?

Jelly nails take their name and inspiration from the ill-advised shoe trend that came (and thankfully went) in the ‘90s. The look for the nails (and the shoes) is defined by bright, translucent colors in shades not often seen in nature. Hot pink, neon green, and candy apple red are some of the most popular looks, but really, they can be done in any color.

If your nails don’t look like this, clearly you need more color in your life

Bellabuttonz, a nail artist based in Waterbury, Connecticut, has a loyal base of clients who appreciate how she stays on top of current trends. Lately, she’s seen an increase in demand for jelly nails among her clients.

“A lot of my clients follow the nail pages on Instagram,” she says. Since the look started trending, Bellabuttonz tells us, “I’ve definitely had a lot of my girls coming in asking for jelly nails.”

Stop thinking about getting jelly nails and just do it. Nails by Bellabuttonz  (@Bellabuttonz / via Instagram)

How to get the Jelly Nail Look

There are several methods for creating the look—and several pitfalls to avoid. Holli Anna, a senior nail tech at the trendy WAH Nails salon in London tells Refinery 29, “Jelly nails are made by translucent coloured acrylic being sculpted onto your nail. You place a foil under the nail and we apply the acrylic on top to the shape and length you want.”

Avoid a Jelly Nail Fail

Bellabuttonz stresses the importance of being meticulous. “You definitely need to make sure the entire process is clean,” she says, “If you use too much glue or your filling work looks sloppy, it will show through the transparent nail. So you have to keep it clean or you’ll ruin the look.”  

If your nails look like this, you’re doing it wrong

The key to really nailing the look is getting the color right. If the color is too opaque, it won’t have the translucent effect you’re looking for. If it’s too transparent, it can look uneven and sloppy.

Pick the Perfect Polish

You can purchase premade jelly polish, pre-colored nails (which are not really for professionals), or make your own jelly polish. Making your own jelly polish gives you limitless options for color, but it also requires more time and effort than using a premade polish.

Jelly nail polish can be made by mixing regular gel polish with a clear top coat until you achieve the perfect transparency. “The first time I had a client ask for jelly nails, I didn’t have jelly nail polish” says Bellabuttonz, “so I mixed the color myself and applied it to clear acrylic nails. It ended up looking great. There are lots of ways to do it, but I’ve found that’s still the best way to go.”

5 Ways to Create Glass Gels by Anastasia Luksha

If you want the more convenient option, there are plenty of great premade polishes. Caption makes jelly polish in seven gorgeous colors that can be blended to create even more hues. While there is a limit to the colors you can choose from, it’s still much easier than mixing your own jelly polish.

YN Nail School Breaks Down How to Create Jelly Nails

Now that you know the look—and how to craft it—make sure to practice your technique before trying it out on paying clients. Because the last thing anyone wants is a jelly nail fail.

Check out These Gorgeous Jelly Nails for Inspiration

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