Booksy kicks off The Doll Head Tour an educational experience
Booksy Kicks Off The Doll Head Tour: A Transatlantic Educational Experience

Booksy Kicks Off The Doll Head Tour: A Transatlantic Educational Experience

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Beauty professionals across the globe have just kicked off The Doll Head Tour, a transatlantic educational experience designed to best serve Booksy business owners, while bringing educators a little closer together. 

The Doll Head Tour will highlight the work of five Booksy Ambassadors, who are ready to showcase their skills with the tools of this trade. But instead of working with a living, breathing person—each educator will perform a cutting, coloring, braiding, and styling demo on a mannequin doll head.

New Booksy users who sign up to participate are eligible to receive a free month of Booksy, one free CE hour for Illinois residents (certification of completion for all other states), and the opportunity to win a $50 Pivot Point International gift certificate.

On October 12th, the doll head began its journey at Los Angeles, California. Over the course of one month it will eventually make its way to London, England. Along the way, it will visit Las Vegas, Nevada and Orlando, Florida. 

During each stop, a Booksy Ambassador will perform a one-hour demo that will stream live via Instagram to provide an educational experience that engages different members of the beauty community. Stay tuned for videos from different stops, which will proceed as follows:

Stop 1: Neal Malek in Los Angeles, California  

Date: Monday Oct. 12th @ 1  p.m. CST

Demo: Vivid hair coloring

Target audience: Hair stylists and colorists

Stop 2: Chita Beseau in Las Vegas, Nevada 

Date: Monday Oct. 19th @ 1  p.m. CST

Demo: Scalp braids and festival braids

Target audience: Braiders and hair stylists

Stop 3: Angel Cardona in Orlando, Florida 

Date: Monday Oct. 26th @ 1 p.m. CST

Demo: A mid-length dry cut

Target audience: Hair stylists

Stop 4: Scott from Electric Salons in London, England

Date: Monday Nov. 9th @ 1 p.m. CST

Demo: Bob haircut

Target audience: Hair stylists

Stop 5: Pedro Plastic in London, England

Date: Monday Nov. 16th @ 1  p.m. CST

Demo: Pixie cut

Target audience: Hair stylists

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