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A barber tends to be a very special person in a man's life. They may know his secrets and the key to making or breaking their client’s style. So whether you’re looking for a barber shop somewhere in the city center or somewhere closer to Lowfield, Booksy has got you covered! Just visit our website or open our app to easily find a barber shop in Sheffield!

Can I book a barber appointment online in Sheffield?

Well of course you can! And thanks to Booksy, booking online has never been more effortless! There are two ways you can gain access to our always-growing list or service providers. Visit our Booksy website or open our Booksy app. The Booksy app can be downloaded for free for Android and iOS. Once you have Booksy open, simply fill in your location and what service you’re looking for. Voilà! Now you can choose where you want to get your beard trim or haircut!

So what service can I get at a barber shop?

With barbers being around for hundreds of years, no wonder their career profile has changed a bit over the years. Nevertheless, the core aspects remain the same. With the amount of services provided, clients can sometimes feel overwhelmed. Let us help you out, here are a few popular services you can get at a barber shop.


Yes, this may seem basic, but hear us out. Of course, if time is of the essence, you can visit a barber shop focused on simplicity, where you can get your hair cut quickly with no unnecessary fuss. But! If you’re in the need for some relaxation or are just feeling extra fancy, well, here is where the add-ons come in. Are you just before an important date and want to look the best you possibly can? Opt for shampooing, a haircut, and maybe even a blow dry! Additionally, many barber shops will offer combos, where they take care of your hair and beard or moustache in one sitting. 

Beard grooming

Again, your options here range from classics to more extravagant services. If you’re happy with your beard, maybe just get it trimmed or lined, and you’re good to go. If you need a change in your life, or if Tom Hardy has inspired you to finally try out that goatee, a barber is where you’ll want to go! Additionally, a big benefit is that your barber will be able to choose tools and products best suited for your hair texture. Also, talk to your barber about everyday care, they’ll happily assist you in choosing a good moisturizer or beard oil. 

How can I choose the best barber in Sheffield?

Here is where Booksy comes in! Once you’ve typed in your location and desired service, you can sort the results by “Recommended by Booksy” or “Top Reviewed.” Thanks to millions of clients, you can see ratings and read reviews left by clients. Oftentimes, you can also view pictures left by clients or posted by the barber shop. No more choosing a barber at random, thanks to Booksy you can choose a high quality salon that will best suit your needs.

How much can a barber cost?

Many factors can impact the price of barber shop service. From the salon’s location to the products the barber shop uses, the range can be quite wide. Of course, each type of service also comes with a different price tag. If the barber needs more time to complete the service, the price may go up. Similarly, if you decide on multiple add-ons. Fortunately, this is where Booksy can come in handy. When viewing the barber shop’s profile, the prices are visible right next to the service, so no more guessing is necessary!

How can I find a barber near me?

Thanks to Booksy, the dull days of typing “barber shop near me” are over! After you’ve typed in our search engine, at the Booksy website or in our Booksy app, the location and the name of the service, results will pop up. From there you are just one click, or tap of course, away from our awesome feature–Map View. Once you open this view, you’ll be able to see on the map where each barber shop is located. From there on you can choose the salon with the location that is best for you, whether close to your office or home. It’s this easy!