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Stevenage, England

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    Amazing Beauty

    19.4 mi 13 Deodora Close, 13, N20 0DQ, London, London

    Eyebrow shaping - styling with wax


    Patch test(lashes glue/eyebrows henna/lash lift)

    Please note! If this is your first visit with Amazing Beauty then please schedule a patch test at least 24 hours before full-set appointment. You will also need to leave deposit to secure your full-set appointment date which will then be deducted off your full set price.

    Individual Lashes extension - Full Set

    Patch test required for new clients!! Lashes are applied one false lash to one natural lash. Technician analyst your eye shape and choose the best look and length for you. You receive nice natural look.
  • BeautEbyEmma

    12.0 mi Dorchester Avenue, EN11 9EJ, Hoddesdon

    Eyebrow Shaping


    BIAB (builder in a bottle)

    Builder in a bottle... this is a super strong builder gel, for longer lasting, chip free nails!

    Gel X Tips with gel polish