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Brows and lashes in Sheffield

Though the eyelashes and eyebrows may not seem as prominent as say, the hair on our heads, you’d be surprised at what a difference the right beauty treatment can make when it comes to these aspects—and there are plenty of options to choose from, right in your local area!

Finding that specific service that’s right for you is a matter of personal preference, and luckily, you’ll have more than enough options to explore and select from on Booksy, regarding brows and lashes in Sheffield. Our platform not only makes your appointment scheduling process quicker, but also more efficient by housing all your favorite health, beauty, and wellness services, all in one place.

What is a brow and lash service and how does it work?

Eyebrow and eyelash services are generally an umbrella term, which can encompass a broad range of different specialized services that cosmetically enhance these areas of our faces—think of these more as a category, with specific treatments that fall underneath. Because there are various types of eyebrow and eyelash treatments that you can book from, we’ve compiled a quick guide of some of the most popular services for your convenience!


Sometimes called an eyebrow perm, eyebrow laminations are a procedure which is meant to essentially “laminate” your brows. This type of treatment takes unkempt and even thinning brows, smoothing them out, and also lifting them through the use of a chemical solution.


Think of a brow tint and wax as a joint service that not only shapes the brows but also gives them a bolder appearance. Tint and wax services include a depilatory wax treatment to get rid of any stray hairs and define the shape of the eyebrows as well as tinting, which is a method of dying the brows darker.


Eyelash lifts definitely live up to their name—basically, a perm for the lashes, this type of service alters the shape of the lashes by “lifting” them resulting in longer, more curled-looking eyelashes. Oftentimes the eyelash lift is combined with an eyelash tinting service to achieve the effect of naturally beautiful lashes without mascara!


There’s no better way to get the look of false lashes with the benefit of not having to take them off is undoubtedly an eyelash extension treatment. This semipermanent regimen requires gluing fibers that mimic the look of single lashes directly onto your natural ones, making them appear full and fluttery.

How do I choose the best service for brows and lashes in Sheffield?

Whether you’re searching for the best service for lashes in Sheffield, brows in Sheffield, or perhaps a combination of both, you’re bound to find the top businesses on Booksy! With our platform, you’ll not only be able to browse through an array of lash and brow merchants near you, but you’ll also be able to read their reviews to help you determine which business to book a visit with. There’s also the option of doing a quick search using our search engine bar to immediately view the top businesses—just select the “Sort by” feature and choose one of the provided options.

How much does a brow and lash service cost?

Because so many different types of brow and lash services exist, the price will vary depending on the exact type of service you’re booking. On Booksy, each of our merchants has the autonomy to set their own price lists, so you’ll be able to conveniently locate pricing on our platform, listed next to each service.

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