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  • EM Holistics & The 1:1 Diet By CWP Portchester With Emily

    755 m Leith Avenue, 53, Portchester, PO16 8HN, Fareham

    Gel Polish Fingers 💅🏻

    Nail Preparation and application of gel polish to fingernails. Cuticle oil and hand cream.

    Gel Polish Fingers + Removal 💅🏻

    Removal of old gel polish, nail preparation, application of fresh gel polish, cuticle oil & hand cream
    1h 20min

    Gel Polish Removal + Tidy

    Gel Polish removal of fingers or toes. Nail buff and nail edge file.

    4.1 mi Cotton Road, PO3 6FG, Portsmouth

    Classic 1:1

    Classic set provides the most natural look. The fullness of this set is dependent upon fullness of client's natural lashes. Perfect for that "mascara style"

    Hybrid Lashes

    Compared to the classic set, hybrids allow a natural look with a bit more volume. It's a great compromise between natural and full. This is very customisable set and has room for versality
    2h 30min

    Russian Volume Lashes

    This set is created by adding volume fans which are made from two or more individual thin synthetic lashes and applied to one single natural lash. It allows to create a set from natural to dramatic, depending on client's preference.
  • Lash Queens UK

    3.5 mi 12 Park Avenue, PO7 5DW, Waterlooville

    Classic Lashes

    Classic lash extensions applied to the natural lash. Style & look tailored to the client. Patch test required for new clients and those returning after 6-months.
    1h 45min

    Classic Infills

    Classic lash extensions applied to infill after a full set. Only available to current clients.
    1h 15min

    Hybrid Lashes

    A mixture of classic & handmade Russian fans, applied to the natural lashes. Style & look tailored to the client. Patch test required for new clients and those returning after 6-months.
    2h 15min
  • Caroline Neville Brow Cosmetics

    3.5 mi Keswick Avenue, 32, PO3 5BA, Portsmouth

    Patch Test (free)

    Free Patch test for the following treatments: - HD Brows - The Fluffy Brow (Brow Lamination) - Eleebana Lash Lift and Tint - Henna Brows

    PMU Consultation - Free

    During your consultation we will perform a skin test, run through what you can expect during your treatment, pre-treatment advice and aftercare. Its also an opportunity for me to asses your brows, skin type and any previous PMU you may have, this enables me to advice what I believe to be the best treatment for you.

    Lip Blush

    Please Book in for a free 'PMU Consultation' at least 24 hours prior to your appointment . This is to run through pre treatment information Do's and Don’ts, asses suitability and to perform a skin test. Lip Blush can enhance the beauty of the natural lip colour, correct asymmetry, and add fullness and definition. ​ Ageing can cause the lips to loose their natural density of colour and shape, particularly around the vermillion border. Regular use of dermal lip fillers can also effect the appearance of the lip colour. ​ With this treatment, it is possible to correct the fading colour of lips and restore the shape, giving the appearance of fuller lips (without the filler). Results can customised for every client, wether it be a light wash of colour or a more vibrant result.
  • The lash den portsmouth

    4.6 mi 35 Shelford Road, PO4 8NU, Southsea

    Eyebrow tint & wax


    Full set Classic Eyelash extensions

    1h 30min

    Full set Russian volume eyelash extensions

  • KeziahsCosmetics

    5.8 mi 14 Mollison Rise, PO15 7JX, Fareham


    Save up to 10%
    £160.00 £144.00
    1h 30min

    Fat Dissolving Large

    Save up to 10%
    £75.00 £67.50

    Fat Dissolving Small

    Save up to 10%
    £55.00 £49.50
  • Olivia Mae Beauty

    3.1 mi 43 St. Annes Grove, PO14 1JL, Fareham, England

    Nail repair


    Gelish manicure (with removals)

    Includes file and shape of nails, cuticles and gel polish
    1h 15min

    Gelish manicure (no removals)

    Includes file and shape of nails, cuticles and gel polish
  • Taz’s Beauty Boutique

    4.8 mi The Square, PO14 4RT, Fareham

    Infills (Signature Russians)


    Signature Russians

    PATCH TEST REQUIRED - Specialised lash style created using a mix of pro made fans & hand made wisps to create a beautifully textured style lash - perfect for those who love a volume "strip lash" look.
    1h 30min

    Extra Lash Time

  • Salon One

    5.9 mi 1 Westbrook Centre, Grassmere Way, PO7 8SE, Waterlooville

    Consultation for dermal/lip filler

    Must have a free consultation before booking online any filler or wrinkle relaxing treatments. Lip fillers, facial fillers, Botox and many more specialist services and treatments available!

    Dermal / lip fillers

    Lip fillers 0.5ml-standard filler-£110 0.5ml-premium filler-£160 1ml-standard filler-£149 1ml-premium filler-£200

    Gel polish-fingers

    Up to 3 weeks wear! Zero drying time! High shine! Customer loyalty price available with loyalty card Free removal of current gel polish if applied by us.
  • TyNails Salon

    4.3 mi 163 Goldsmith Avenue, PO4 8BJ, Southsea


    Additional cost to the selected procedure

    Infills from other master +5£


    Classic manicure(nail shape, cuticles)


Most popular treatments

Brows and Lashes in Portchester

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with dark, popping eyebrows that Audrey Hepburn has or the long, curly eyelashes such as those of Adele. Fortunately, the industry has come up with new and interesting techniques for defining the appearance of our eyes. And the solutions for permanent or semi-permanent makeup or treatments are increasing by the day. You can conveniently look for and book an appointment for your brows and lashes here in Portchester with the help of Booksy! Book a lash or brow appointment online in Portchester Booking an appointment for brows and lashes has never been this easy! Thanks to our online booking platform, all you need to do is visit the Booksy app or webpage. Booksy app is available for both Android and iOS smartphone users for free of charge which means that you can book an appointment on the go. Whether day or night, you can find the best brows and lashes specialist that is located near you. You simply have to type in your preferred location and service on the search bar and you will receive a list of the available service providers. So, here you will type "brows and lashes" in Portchester. Not sure what does a brow and lash specialist does? There is great diversity when it comes to eyebrows and eyelashes. The best way to start picking a lash or brow service is to determine whether you would like a glamorous look, or something more natural. For your brows, you can decide to go for a natural look which is offered by shaping the brows. On the other hand, microblading helps to provide you with eyebrows that have an extra thickness and color. Shaping the brows requires special tools such as wax, thread, or a pair of tweezers. Essentially, microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup and can be a suitable option if you don't have time to fill your eyebrows with gel or a pencil every morning. For your lashes, you can choose a tint and lift or extensions. An eyelash lift, widely referred to as lash perm, involves changing the shape of your eyelashes just like they would look had you used a curler. An eyelashes tint involves darkening your lashes to give them a mascara-like look. With extensions of eyelashes, there are various options to consider. They range between basic classic eyelashes and fluffy hybrid eyelashes, otherwise known as Russian lashes. That said, you definitely have several options to consider whether you want a natural look or you're ready for a whole makeover. How to choose the best brow and lash specialist in Portchester In Portchester, there is a great number of brows and lashes services and you might need help when deciding which one is ideal for you. Fortunately, Booksy exists to ensure that you pick a satisfying option. After you have finished searching for the eyebrows & lashes places near you, you can filter your results based on "Top Reviewed" or "Recommended by Booksy". Furthermore, you can read through reviews and ratings from real clients that have been to the place you're considering to go to. This will help you understand the experience that the clients had in that salon. If the salon you're interested in has numerous positive feedbacks, then it means that it is a great place to have your brows and lashes tended to. Additionally, most of the salons enlisted on Booksy will regularly share photos of their works and you can browse through and assess whether they can perform the style you're seeking. How much does a brow and lash appointment cost? With the myriads of services that are available, it is impossible to allocate a one-size-fits-all price range for these services. Various salons price their services differently based on the services that they offer. The final cost of most salons is determined by the number of products that are used as well their quality. For instance, basic waxing or eyebrow threading will be price lower as compared to lamination or microblading. How to find brow and lashes salon open now When going through the catalogue of service providers that are available on Booksy, you should open their business profile. There, you will be able to take a look at their business operation times and decide which one suits you the best (whether morning hours, afternoon or evening hours). Once you have identified your preferred salon, Booksy will provide you with their schedule and allow you to place an appointment at a time that is convenient for you. Eyebrows & lashes nearby in Portchester Booksy contains a large database of many beauty salons and it allows you to scroll through them at the comfort of your house. The "Map View" is a handy feature that allows you to view the exact location where the salon is situated. Whether you want a salon that is located near your workplace, home, or a new place, Booksy will sort you out!