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  • mlbBeauty

    4.5 mi Ruskin Road, 10, SO50 4JS, Eastleigh

    Gel Nails

    - Please select the longer appointment if you are wanting nail designs/art. This includes french tips.
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    Gel Nails & Toes


    Classic Lash Extensions

    1:1 lash application, for a more natural appearance. patch test is recommended.
    1h 30min
  • Evergrace Nails

    4.6 mi Hartley Road, 44, SO50 8JB, Eastleigh

    Gel nails

    No toes! Application of one or more gel colours.

    Gel nails with pretty nail art

    No toes! Nail art on most or all nails or intricate nail art on one or two nails (swirls/lines/flowers/hearts)
    1h 10min

    Gel nails with french

    No toes! Choose this if you are after french tips in any colour.
    1h 5min
  • HWBeauty

    8.5 mi Hillary Close, Lyndhurst

    Gel nails

    A basic block colour gel nail full set

    Patch test - lash glue

    Patch tests are highly recommended to new clients especially if you know you are prone to sensitive skin or if you have any known allergies. Please book your patch test at least 48 hours before your appointment.


    Single eyelash extensions applied to each individual eyelash creating a more natural extension look
    1h 45min
  • Salon One

    17.2 mi 1 Westbrook Centre, Grassmere Way, PO7 8SE, Waterlooville

    Children’s gel nails including art-UNDER 12s ONLY


    Consultation for dermal/lip filler

    Must have a free consultation before booking online any filler or wrinkle relaxing treatments. Lip fillers, facial fillers, Botox and many more specialist services and treatments available!

    Dermal / lip fillers

    Lip fillers 0.5ml-standard filler-£110 0.5ml-premium filler-£160 1ml-standard filler-£149 1ml-premium filler-£200
  • Taz’s Beauty Boutique

    8.5 mi The Square, PO14 4RT, Fareham

    Infills (Signature Russians)


    Signature Russians

    PATCH TEST REQUIRED - Specialised lash style created using a mix of pro made fans & hand made wisps to create a beautifully textured style lash - perfect for those who love a volume "strip lash" look.
    1h 30min

    Extra Lash Time

  • BR Beauty Academy

    16.6 mi 1 Highfield Parade, Waterlooville

    Gel nails removal


    Acrylic basic set

    Acrylic set or overlay with gel polish.
    1h 30min

    Acrylic custom set

    Custom acrylic designs, includes ombré and french