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As one of the largest cities in Yorkshire and the Humber region, Bradford has plenty of choices when it comes to hair salons. If you want to find a hair salon in Bradford that has appointment availability at a time that suits you, then Booksy is the ideal place to turn. There are hair salons and hairdressers listed right across the city offering a tremendously wide range of services that you can book right now. Book a hair salon appointment online in Bradford At Booksy, you can book hairdressers nearby in Bradford with ease. Just type Bradford into the search field and let Booksy find hair salons in the area for you. Scroll through the results to locate a hairdressing salon that is close to you or look for a particular type of service from those that are listed. You'll also see some typical pricing for hair salons throughout the city so you can gauge the charges made by particular salons. Once you have found a hair salon that you'd like to book an appointment with, all you have to do is to hit the 'Book' button and Booksy will provide you with a calendar showing all of the upcoming available slots. The system works just as quickly and efficiently whether you are online or using the Booksy app. Not sure what a hair salon does? Typically, hair salons do more than simple trims and cuts. You can book in a hair wash and cut, a hair extension consultation or even a waxing session at many. Most unisex hair salons will have specialist hair stylists for ladies and others who cater for men. You can obtain tinting, dyeing and highlighting services from many of the hairdressing salons operating in Bradford today, as well. How do you choose the best hair salon in Bradford? All of the hair salons in Bradford you will see on your results page in Booksy have been rated. This is made up of the reviews that other Booksy users have left for particular salons in the city. When you are looking for hair salons near you, check out the rating that each one has been given because this is an average of all the scores Booksy users have awarded. If you want more information, then simply select a particular hairdressing salon and scroll down to read individual reviews about it. How much does a hair salon cost? The pricing for haircutting varies from salon to salon. Gents hairdressers tend to be the lowest cost with a dry cut setting you back from anywhere between £15 to £20. A ladies hair salon in Bradford is likely to charge you more than this, however. If you want a restyle instead of just a wash and trim then you should expect to be charged upwards of £35 although, again, this can vary depending on the salon. How to find a hair salon open now With Booksy, you can get an appointment for your hair cut within seconds. Simply enter the date and time you want your appointment in the 'When?' search field with the time right now. All of the currently available appointments in the city will then appear on your screen for you. If you want to find out whether a particular hair salons near you are open, then select them and check out their opening hours. Cheap hair salons in Bradford At Booksy, your search results will always offer you indicative prices so you can see which hairdressers nearby in Bradford charge more and which charge less. Use the filter function to search for the sort of service you'd like. For example, you can select 'perm' or 'highlights'. Then Booksy will display hairs salons offering that service and show you the various prices on offer so you can find the one(s) that offer the best value for money. Hair salons near to you Whether you have the Booksy app or are searching for hairdressers in Bradford from our website, you can use the 'search near me' option to find the closest ones. The system will use your device's locational data and present you only with hair salons in your immediate vicinity. If you are moving and want to know where hair salons are for the part of the city you will arrive in later, then switching to the handy 'map view' offered by Booksy is a good idea.