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Treherbert, Wales

Pet Services in Treherbert, Wales (3)

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  • Sage Hair Care - Fairwater

    18.2 mi 121 St. Fagans Rd, CF5 3AF, Cardiff

    The SAGE Specialised Cut

    For the man whose style and hair type needs that extra detail and focus. This service delivers the longest on the haircut itself. We will begin with an in-depth hair test and analysis to understand your texture, problems and growth patterns. If your hairstyle meets the following requirements then this service is perfect for you; if you have an afro-hightop, if you like detailed patterns, if you have a more ‘unique’ cut, you have long-length hair (and need it shortened) or if you have medium length hair and would like it completely restyled. These are just guidelines and recommendations, if you feel as if you want a full hour then feel free to book as you wish! We will also provide a complimentary black mask facial moisturise during the cut. Ready for you to leave on time.

    The SAGE Facial-Hair

    Focused on hair & short beards. Includes consultation, haircut, light beard trim OR full shave - just 30 mins. This service is for those wanting a haircut and to have a short beard trim or shave as well. It includes: a brief consultation; the haircut itself; a light beard trim OR a full shave plus advice on the best products to maintain your beard. After it you can walk out on time, refreshed and with your beard looking its best.

    The Classic SAGE Cut 18+

    Ideal for those with busy lives. Includes consultation, haircut (inc. fades) and a moisturise – all in 30 mins. This service is for those with busy lives who need a great cut but want it on time and in the least time. It includes: a consultation to select the hairstyle that suits you; the haircut itself (including skin-fades but not patterns); advice on the best products to maintain the cut and style and a finishing moisturise. After 30 minutes or less you will walk out on time with a quality cut.
  • By Erin Nails and Beauty

    10.1 mi 14 Clos Penglyn, CF35 6NX, Bridgend

    BIAB base only

    Full preparation of nails and cuticles, finished with BIAB and cuticle oil.

    BIAB with Gel Colour

    Full preparation of nails and cuticles, finished with a BIAB base, your choice of gel colour and cuticle oil.

    BIAB with French Tips

    Full preparation of nails and cuticles, finished with BIAB base, hand drawn French tips and cuticle oil.
  • KJ Nail Obsession

    17.8 mi Thornbury Close, Unit 1 Fielding house, CF14 1UT, Cardiff

    Gel biab (art)

    Gel biab with art , strengthening the natural nail to help with growth. Natural nails only , includes cuticle work
    1h 30min

    Gel biab (plain)

    Gel biab with no art , cuticles included , biab with a nice shine top coat
    1h 15min

    Gel biab (infill art)

    Gel biab infills. I do not work over other peoples work
    1h 20min