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Tow Law, England

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  • Eden Skye Aesthetics LTD

    18.6 mi 7-9 Northumberland Street, DL3 7HJ, Darlington

    Black Head Busting Facial

    BLACKHEAD FACIAL: Do you have blackheads? You’ve tried to get rid of them yourself at home, but nothing works?🤔 Blackheads are a build of sebum that form a plug inside your pores. Don’t try and remove them yourself – you may scar your skin! You need THE BLACKHEAD BUSTER FACIAL! In this facial, we target your blackheads. ✅We start by loosening them up with steam and a special blackhead loosening oil cleanser. ✅Then we do an exfoliation to soften the little hard plugs of oil. ✅Then we do extractions. Now that the blackheads are loose and soft, we can easily squeeze them out of your pores. ✅Your pores will look smaller STRAIGHT AWAY as we remove the sebum (oil) build up that cause blackheads. If you want to remove blackheads and have smaller looking pores, this facial is for you! Message us now if you have any questions, or would LOVE to book this facial!

    Ultimate Facial

    1h 30min

    Vitamin B12/C/ D/ Biotin

    £25 per shot £99 per 6 loading course over 2 weeks Benefits of b12
    Option 1
    Option 2
  • The Keep Durham

    10.0 mi 47 Saddler Street, DH1 3NU, Durham, England

    Maintainence Haircut

    An interim haircut designed to maintain shorter hairstyles. Scissors on top, clippers on the back and sides.

    Student Maintenance Haircut

    A Maintenance Haircut with a discounted rate for University Students. Only available Monday to Thursday. Scissors on top, clippers on the back and sides.

    High-End Scissor Cut / Restyle

    A longer service designed to ensure precision cutting of longer hairstyles. Scissors all over.
  • Body & Soul Beauty

    17.7 mi Denton Park Shopping Centre, above Rudis Hairdressing, NE5 2QZ, Newcastle, England

    Party Lashes (exaggerated)


    Party Lashes (natural)


    Party Lashes (full)

  • Beautylicious

    18.5 mi 18 Post House Wynd, DL3 7LP, Darlington

    Lash lift


    Classic lashes

    1h 30min

    Lash tint