Piercing near you in Tetbury, England (4)

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  • Piercings By LJ

    18.5 mi 5 Hales Horn Close, BS32 8AG, Bristol

    Nose Piercing


    Belly Button Piercing


    Tongue Piercing

  • Michelle Powell Microblading And Beauty

    19.0 mi Panorama, Littledean hill road, GL14 2BT, Cinderford

    Annual top up

    1h 30min

    Microblading plus top up session

    Patch test needed 48hrs before treatment

    Patch tests

  • Mobile service

    Mr B Next Barbershop

    15.5 mi 138 Barton Street, Suite, GL1 4EN, Gloucester, England

    Taper Fade Only


    Taper Fade And Beard Trim


    GENTS Haircut only

    Haircut only
  • Monika Krygier AESTHETICS CLINIC

    17.3 mi 15 Dibden Road, BS16 6UE, Bristol

    Free consultation


    Hands Aging

    Plexr Fibroblast for a strong lifting skin, stimulate collagen and removing sun spots.
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    Signature Brows (Combo Microbladong & Shading

    Combo Brows / signature brows its gives the brows the look of wearing a bit of brow makeup, but it doesn’t wash off as makeup does. It’s done by implementing color into the skin underneath the brows, giving it a shade that gives the illusion of fullness. It can be done in two styles: only adding a shade, or adding both a shade and hair strokes in the front or along the whole arch. The strokes are tiny tattoos that imitate the look of natural brow hairs. This is how microblading is done. They can be combined with shading, and this fusion of microblading and microshading is called hybrid brows by some artists, or categorized as microshading by others. Microshading can be done either with a manual tool or with a PMU machine, which pierces the skin in countless tiny dots. In the case of hybrid brows, the strokes are done with a manual tool. Total price £120 and £50 for a touch up after 5-8 weeks
    1h 30min