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If your look has grown dull, then it's time to try something different. A piercing can add intrigue, and mystery to your sense of fashion. There are many options for piercings, too, like septum piercings, belly button piercings, and more. You should take some time to consider which type of piercing you would enjoy the most. To make things easier, you can use Booksy to find the best piercing studios in your area! Lots of tattoo shops offer piercings, and some businesses do it as their specialty. Booksy lets you compare prices, reviews, and services as you scroll down the results!
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What Is A Piercing?

What Is A Piercing?

A piercing is a form of body art that uses jewelry inserted inside of the body. Tiny holes are punctured in the skin to accommodate the piercings. There is a wide variety of piercing styles and areas to pierce. People pierce their ears, eyebrows, noses, tongues, and more. A piercing can add beauty, and charisma to the person wearing it. In the past 20 years, piercings have exploded in popularity, and you can get them in all major cities and towns in the US. What to Expect During a Piercing? If you've never had a piercing before, here's what you can expect. Your piercing artist will want to know where you want to get pierced. You should already know if you want an ear-piercing, eyebrow piercing, and so on. They'll also want to know what type of body jewelry you want. There are studs, diamonds, earrings, and other forms of piercings. Once you know what you want, you can expect a bit of pain during the piercing. Ensure you see a professional who knows how to sterilise the wound and keep it from bleeding too much. How Can I Find the Best Piercing Studio? There will be dozens of piercing studios and tattoo shops in your area. If you want to find the best piercing studio that has great prices and reviews, use Booksy! As you scroll down your search results, you can view each studio's prices, reviews, and services. Booksy makes it super easy to find the type of piercing that you want. You can also view individual reviews to find out about the best piercing artists to request for your appointment. How Long Should I Wait Before Getting Another Piercing? You can get multiple piercings at once, but you need to be careful. Try to pay attention to how your body responds to your first piercing. Is there a lot of redness and irritation? Are you experiencing a fair amount of pain from the area? If so, then you should hold off for about a month or until the redness goes away. Also, make sure that you've eaten plenty and are hydrated for your piercing appointment, which will help your body recover from the shock of the piercing. How Do I Make an Appointment For a Piercing? Booksy is the ideal tool to book an appointment for a piercing. It saves you from having to make a phone call or send an email. Our search engine lets you pick a studio of your choosing and then schedule a visit, all in one app! In no time, you'll find a piercing studio that fits your needs. Click on the book now button, find a slot that works for you, and then hit confirm. That's all it takes to schedule an appointment for your first piercing with Booksy! How Much Does a Piercing Cost? It will depend entirely on the type of piercing that you're getting. Ear piercings and nose piercings tend to be the most common. Each piercing studio and tattoo salon can set its prices based on location, expertise, and more. That's why you need to put Booksy to the test by comparing the costs of your local piercing studios. Our app makes it effortless to find a piercing studio in your price range. You should also pay attention to their reviews to make sure you're seeing professionals.