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  • Freak House

    5.5 mi Raymond Drive, 40, BD5 8HS, Bradford

    Onycholysis Treatment


    Feet consultation


    Removal Nails + Manicure

    1h 30min
  • Naetika Salon & Nail Academy

    9.5 mi 159 Upper Commercial Street, WF17 5DH, Batley



    Nail Trauma/Onycholysis

    While some nail injuries can be treated at home, there are some instances where you’ll need medical attention. Almost everyone has somehow smashed a fingernail or toenail and later seen blood under their nail bed. A subungual hematoma is usually caused by trauma from a heavy object or from frequent rubbing or friction against a shoe. It occurs when the blood vessels break open under the nail, causing blood to pool. Your toenail may look like a black, blue or purple bruise. Other nail trauma is painful and can cause your nail to accidently tear or split (lacerations), fall off completely (avulsion), For nail lacerations and avulsions, your nail may need to be removed by a health care provider. Then when the nail bed dries up, your provider may recommend moisturizer or antifungal cream to prevent fungal infections and keep the nail bed healthy as the nail grows back in. Your provider may also prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection. If you are unable to see your provider right away, bandage the nail and avoid trimming or caring for it on your own. Inc. foot assessment, nail trauma treatment + treatment plan, recommendations.

    Ingrown Toenail Treatment

    Consultation necessary before booking an appointment. (Please contact our Foot Health Practitioner.) Option 1: Mild condition. Option 2: Inflamed condition. Treatment incl. consultation, treatment plan, after care advise with lesson how to take care of the healing wound, actual ingrown nail treatment, wound sanitation.
    Mild condition
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