Skin Care near you in Barnt Green, England (30)

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  • The Barber Lab

    3.3 mi 5 new road, B60 2HX, Bromsgrove, England

    Full service-haircut & cut-throat razor

    Want it all and more? Get the best Lab Experience perfectly tailored for your specifications with all the pampering you’d need in a Premium grooming service.

    Gents Cut & Finish

    At a competitive price. get your haircut & finish done by the hands of professionals at the Barber Lab. We tend to a variety of different styles, from old-fashioned ones to the most trendy and upbeat looks. You’re always advised to show your barber references or ask for suggestions. We’re happy to listen and accommodate any specifications you have.

    The Skin Fade

    A skin-fade look is not going to be out of style any time soon! It’s actually one of the most requested styles at our shop. If this is something that interests you, we assure you that our service is tailored like no other. Have your Fade done specifically to be in line with your natural features.
  • Autumn Rose Hair and Beauty

    3.2 mi 26 Egghill Lane, Northfield, B31 5NR, Birmingham



    Skin Fade



  • Talihina Barbers

    3.4 mi 46 Worcester Road, B61 7AE, Bromsgrove, England

    Standard Mens Haircut

    A standard hair-cutting service catering to a wide range of styles and looks, excluding a skin-fade which has its own separate option. Our barbers are always keen on listening before applying anything, so you’re always walking out with the look you want.

    Skin Fade

    Please refer to this option if you’d like to style your cut as a Fade look. We taper a skin-fade perfectly like no other & are meticulous with every step of our process.

    Long style cut

  • Mobile service

    BP Makeup & Beauty

    7.7 mi Alcester Road Unit 2, 21B, Ilumi, Studley

    Cancellation Fee


    Special Occasion Makeup

    1h 15min

    Prom Makeup

    Mobile service
    1h 15min
  • La Tresse

    4.9 mi 27 curdale rd, B32 4HD, Birmingham

    Box braids

    3h 30min

    Knotless braids

    4h 30min


    2h 30min
  • House of Rose

    5.5 mi 60 Mason Road, B97 5DU, Redditch

    Wash, Cut & Blow-Dry


    Restyle Cut & Finish


    Half Head Foils & Cut, Blow-Dry

    2h 15min
    Wash, Cut & Blow-Dry
    Half Head Foils
  • Total Therapy Redditch

    4.7 mi Alcester Street, The Fit Club, B98 8DW, Redditch

    Emotional Therapy (counseling)

    Emotional Therapy is a very direct form of counselling that gets to the heart of the matter. The process aims to identify the emotional triggers we carry from childhood and traumatic events that have ripple effects across our daily lives and even into our future. We may not even associate the trigger with the cause until we put the pieces together and ask the key question "why?" Why do we act a certain way? Why do we say or wear or only eat certain things, or not say or wear or eat certain things? Why do some words, people or actions trigger an emotional response? And most importantly... Where, when and who did these come from? Once we start to identify the root causes of our daily actions then we can begin to unpick those that are not true to us. Those which were placed upon us by others. Then we can start to regain control over our daily and future choices and actions, instead of living through subconscious defence mechanisms from our past that affect how we live day to day.
    Single session
    + 2 more options

    Whatever treatment you think is best

    Rather than choose a specific treatment, or limit yourself to just one, let us choose the best treatments for you to achieve your health goal.
    Option 1
    + 1 more options

    Relaxing Head, Neck And Shoulder Massage

    This utterly relaxing therapy is our treat to you. Over the course of the session we work into the head, face and neck and then finish on the shoulders, to release all of the knots and tension. Most people fall asleep and we hope you do too. For September this treatment is reduced by 30% to £42 as an extra treat to you.
  • Clinic Asthetika

    5.4 mi 1470 Pershore Road, Clinic Asthetika, B30 2NT, Birmingham



    Virtual Consultation



  • Polly’s Aesthetics

    5.4 mi Please bring cash where possible. 1A Birchfield Road, Room 5, B97 4LB, Redditch

    Pay Later Option


    Prohilo Summer Skin!


    Seventy Hyal Summer Skin!