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Barrow-in-furness, England

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    Orca Therapies Ulverston

    7.3 mi Gillam House 51 Market Street, Plus - Orca Annex (The Studio), LA12 7LT, Ulverston

    Invigorating Swedish Massage

    A more vigorous and firm massage for those with deep seated tension. we can focus on back, neck and shoulders, lower body and legs or full body
    With Tara - Massage Master
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    Invigorating Swedish Massage with Imogen

    Massage Mentee
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    Elemental Equilibrium Experience (TM)

    Support your journey to wholeness with an experience like no other. Discovering your Dosha/s is the first step, allowing your therapist to truly understand your specific needs and attributes. Awaken your senses and your soul as you are guided through each Chakra with meditative music. Once the Chakras have been opened and your body and mind are in a state of open awareness the geothermal massage will begin with the grounding stones of red jasper and carnelian. The journey continues with an exact full body massage with focus on each Chakra, bringing each into balance and harmony. This experience allows you to fully immerse, gives time to reflect on life's contemplation's and brings everything into alignment. The Chakras are then closed with the placement stones and you are left in the moment of serenity whilst your therapist prepares you a herbal tea blend with specific qualities relevant to that of your Doshas and Chrakras.
    2h 30min