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  • Joyful Soles - Massage, Reflexology, Complementary Therapies

    893 m 58 Hartington Street, LA14 5SR, Barrow-in-furness, England

    Deep Tissue Massage Existing Clients Only

    This treatment uses deep manual therapy techniques of the soft tissue (muscles, ligaments and fascia) to improve the elasticity and flexibility of muscular and connective tissue (such as ligaments and fascia). Deep tissue is an excellent way to soothe sore and tight muscles, release stubborn muscular knots and increase blood flow to ensure a healthy musculoskeletal system. Is a deep tissue massage good for you? The deep tissue massage is highly recommended by most doctors for many people. This is because the slow finger pressure and firm strokes treats a range of physical ailments. Also, this type of massage enables you to release serotonin and oxytocin while boosting your moods and relaxation.
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    Lymphatic Drainage - Massage

    This light, with pumping action, massage stimulates the flow of lymph through the one-way drainage pathways, ridding excess fluid & swelling. Clients can further benefit from additional abdominal massage to initiate the parasympathetic activity and feel lighter in mind and body. NB - Initial consultation required prior to this Massage to see if the session is right for you - 30 mins appointment booked prior to this session What is it? This type of massage focusses on the lymphatic system, which is part of the immune system. Following a particular sequence, this light and relaxing massage stimulates the flow of lymph through the one-way drainage pathways of the body. Lymph moves water, protein, cells and electrolytes around the body and by stimulating this action, the tissues of the body are assisted in clearing excess fluid. What is the aim of the massage? It aims to help the body maintain proper blood circulation, body fluid balance, and immune functions. To reduce swelling (oedema) by increasing lymphatic drainage to the superficial lymph pathways. How is it performed? Using a series of gliding, compressing, stretching, and cupping motions over the body. The massage involves helping empty lymph nodes, helping soften tissues and help with the flow of lymph around the body. By applying gentle pressure around and over nodes and along the lymphatic pathways. Usually lymphatic drainage massage takes place in a heated room. & Benefits? This can help with: Sinus Problems, IBS, Fluid Retention, Swollen Legs and Ankles, Muscle Damage and Lymphoedema. Abdominal massage is optional. One of the best things you can do for your lymphatic system is to be more active. Even the most gentle activity will help encourage a healthy lymph flow, as movement of the muscles exerts pressure on the lymphatic vessels and keeps them moving. For those who are unable, MLD massage can help provide an alternative.
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    Back Neck & Shoulders Massage

    A back, neck and shoulder massage is an excellent treatment to soothe away aches, pains and stiffness promoting a deep sense of relaxation and renewed vitality. This treatment focuses on the area of the body that is a problem spot for most people. The neck and shoulders are areas where we tend to hold our tension and stress. Sustained postures such as sitting at a desk or computer all day, breast feeding or excessive emotional stress can contribute to muscular tightness and joint stiffness. Leaving this untreated can result in neck pain, headache or migraine. If you are suffering in specific areas, discuss this with the therapist prior to beginning of your massage, for best use of the available time.
    Seated Chair Massage
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    Orca Therapies Ulverston

    7.3 mi Gillam House Yard 51 Market Street, Rear 51 Market Street, LA12 7LT, Ulverston

    Deep Tissue Muscle Melt

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    £44.00 £37.40
    1 area of focus e.g back or legs
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    Tinting Brow/Lash - with skincare Enhancement


    Eyebrow groom - with Skincare Enhancement

    Tidy up of the brows including plucking and trimming as required.
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  • Heather Dodd: Massage & Beauty Therapy

    17.0 mi 108 Westbourne Road, LA1 5JX, Lancaster

    Deep Tissue Massage With Hot Stones



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    Full body massage (1 hour) with consultation

    1h 15min