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Newcastle upon Tyne is an exciting university city with Roman forts and ancient castles. After spending the day exploring the open-air museum or zip riding, stop by a day spa in Newcastle upon Tyne to rejuvenate and relax. However, with the many day spas in the city, how do you identify the perfect one for your needs? Lucky for you, Booksy is here to help! The platform lists all beauticians in the city to simplify your search process online. You will also have access to customer reviews of individual merchants and details to help you find the best services. Book a Day Spa Appointment Online in Newcastle upon Tyne Are you looking for day spa places nearby in Newcastle upon Tyne? Visit Booksy to discover the best day spas around the city with exciting services. After browsing through our extensive list of day spas in your proximity, booking an appointment is a breeze. With a few clicks on your phone or PC, you can schedule an appointment with your favourite spa treatment. Alternatively, you can download the Booksy app and create a favourite list for all day spas you want to try out in Newcastle upon Tyne. Not Sure What a Day Spa Appointment Entails? Not sure what treatments to book on your day spa? Let’s explore some of the services available in a day spa. The treatments are non-invasive and mainly focused on beauty and relaxation, and most of the services provided will leave you feeling pampered and beautiful. Most day spas in Newcastle upon Tyne have a steam room, sauna or pool and other treatment methods to rejuvenate your body and relax your mind. They also offer a calm and peaceful environment for relaxing treatments, including facials, waxing, nail care treatments and massage. Massage is typical in all day spas, but most specialists offer different types of massage. You can get a body massage or speciality massages like hot stone massage, reflexology, shiatsu and deep tissue massage. Aside from massages, day spas also provide facial treatments that clean and exfoliate your face for glowing and hydrated skin. A day spa provides waxing and hair removal services in the most hygienic and clean environment. Aesthetician at a day spa can use various methods to remove hairs from multiple body parts like eyebrows, legs and arms. You can also enjoy body treatments like polishes and body wraps. How to Choose the Best Day Spa in Newcastle upon Tyne Newcastle upon Tyne has numerous day spas around the city, and it can be challenging to identify one with the best spa treatment. Fortunately, the Booksy app and web platform provide a database for all day spas in the city. You can browse for a day spa based on the treatments you need using our search engine. When you narrow down to a few top spas to visit, use the reviews and ratings to ensure you receive the best services. You can also book an appointment without leaving the website. How Much Does a Day Spa Cost? Day spa treatments vary depending on the specialist and the spa products needed to complete the treatment. For instance, an aesthetician will use fewer products in facial massage than in body treatments or speciality massages. Therefore, the prices will reflect the services offered and the duration of the treatment. You can find the rates of various merchants at Booksy by clicking on the business pages of different day spas. Alternatively, utilise the search engine to select day spas within your budget. How to Find a Day Spa Open Now All our merchants specify the operating hours on their business pages. You can open individual pages of each merchant to check availability. Alternatively, search the available day spas in your area at your preferred appointment time using the search engine. Cheap Day Spa in Newcastle upon Tyne Day spa treatments can be expensive, depending on the services. For instance, body treatments and speciality services require specific products, which can be costly. Since merchants price their services differently, you can find day spas with pocket-friendly prices. Specify your budget when searching for spa places, and your search results will feature merchants within your price range. Day Spa Near You Looking for spa places nearby is easy with the Booksy app. Open your location and use the map view to find day spas in your area. You can also use the location search option in the search engine to select spas within Newcastle upon Tyne.