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Whether you style your own hair or go to a hair salon for the touch-ups, everyone is concerned about the welfare of their heads and how their hair looks. A hair salon mainly deals in styling long hair compared to a barbershop, where hair is usually cut down to classic styles, such as the faded pompadour and the flattop.  Book hair salon appointment online in Newcastle You can book appointments all over Newcastle with professional hairstylists who will take your breath away using booksy.com. On our website, you have a list of all hair salons near you in the palm of your hand. Simply log in and see all the salons and their prices, how long they have been in business, and their rating. This is all you need to make an informed decision depending on your preference and budget. Visit booksy.com for more information.  What does a hairstylist do? A hairstylist has a couple of responsibilities when it comes to making your hair look fabulous, including analysing your hair condition, treating, and shampooing your hair to keep it healthy and strong. They are also responsible for conditioning the scalp by applying treatment and prescribing beauty products for healthy hair growth. Then, to style your hair, they arrange, curl, shape, set, trim, bleach, tint, or dye your hair, depending on the effect you are trying to achieve. How to choose best a hairstylist in Newcatle Finding the right hairstylist for your hair type can be challenging, especially if you are new in the city, but not anymore. On booksy.com, you can search for a hairstylist of your choice, one who offers exactly what you want and how much they charge. You can also book appointments right there on the website, and the best part is, you can scan around for a salon that has great discounts for first-timers in a pool of choices to pick from. So visit booksy.com to get to experience the ease of locating your next best salon. How much is haircut cost? Different hairstylists will charge differently depending on the shop's location and the style you want to put. However, below is a charge sheet for many hairdressers in Newcastle. Stylists - £35.50,  Children 15 & under - £22.00 Children 10 & under - £15.00 Blow Dry - £20 (extra £5.00 for curls) Gentlemen - £22.50 Treatments - £6.00 - £8.00 Perms - £40.00 Volumiser - £28.00 Roots Only - £28.00 Hair salon open now near you You can always book your appointment to avoid missing services. Many hair salons in Newcastle have a standard operating time as follows: Day Hours Monday 07:50 - 20:30 Tuesday 07:50 - 20:30 Wednesday 07:50 - 20:30 Thursday 07:50 - 20:30 Friday 07:50 - 20:30 Saturday 08:50 - 17:50 Sunday 08:50 - 17:50 Cheap hairstylist in Newcastle Choosing the best hairstylist to take care of your hair ultimately depends on how deep your pockets are. Visit booksy.com to see the various price lists offered by different salons and choose the best one for yourself. Additionally, you could call the institution for a tailored price for a first-time client. In a pool of stylists, you can select one with the best discounts in a variety of options such as those who offer a two-for-one offer for first time customers, or those who offer a 30% discount for their clients for the first five sessions. This does not come at the expense of quality as you can select the stylists with the best ratings, instead of risking your head, literally. Hair stylists nearby In Newcastle, you can find hair salons at any turn, but finding the one to suit your needs requires in-depth analysis and survey, not to mention a lot of trial and error till you find your safe haven. But on booksy.com, you can find your dream stylist with a press of a button. You can well research your potential stylists before making appointments. You can also cancel or push forward appointments on the website, making it client-friendly and flexible for most users. Visit booksy.com for your ultimate experience as well