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1148 Courtney Chase Circle, Orlando, 32837


    • Eyelash extensions

      Eyelash extensions are not traditional false eyelashes. They are single mink of eyelashes applied one by one. Eyelash extensions will provide you with longer and thicker eyelashes and with touch ups every 2-4 weeks they can last indefinitely. Please read the following to determine if eyelash extensions are right for you prior to booking: 1. Your eyes should be clear of any signs or symptoms of infections. 2. Your eyes should be fully recovered from any surgeries or eye treatments before applying eyelash extensions. 3. You do NOT have any allergic reactions to acrylates or cyanoacrylate adhesives. 4. You are able to lay down comfortably for a few hours with your eyes closed. 1. Do not expose your eyelash extensions to heat, water, steam rooms, saunas, and any kind of friction. 2. Restrain from any use of eye cosmetics or skin care products to the eyelash extensions and eyelids. 3. Exposing your eyelashes, eyelids, and surrounding skin from chemical peels, eyebrow waxing, laser treatments, etc. 4. Do not wear eye contacts, but you may wear glasses. Prepare for your eyelash extension application: 1. Remove all traces of makeup, this includes eye liner, mascara, eye shadow, and any eye creams or lotions. 2. Gently rinse the entire eye area and eyelashes to remove any oils or mascara. 3. Shower before you come to your appointment. 4. Do not come with your contacts in if you wear any. Please wear glasses in place of the contacts. 5. Do not curl your eyelashes on the day of your appointment. 6. Do not apply any heavy creams, oils or lotions to your face within 48 hours of your appointment time. 7. You will need to wait 48 hours after your eyelash removal prior to having your new set of extensions applied. 8. Do not receive chemical treatments to your eyelashes, such as tinting or perming, within 48 hours before your appointment. 9. Make certain you have fully recovered from any recent eye-area treatments, such as chemical peels, eyebrow waxing, laser treatments, and permanent makeup application. The recovery stage varies in the amount of time each individual needs to fully recover.
    • Eyelashes extension retouch untill 15 days

    • Eyelashes Extensions retouch after 15 days

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