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Nail Salons in Orlando

Nail salons in Orlando serve two primary needs: to ensure the health of your nails and to provide a flattering and fashionable head-to-toe pampering. Escape the stress of your day to day with an elegant acrylic nail set or wow your onlookers with an impressive new gel design.

What Services Do Nail Salons in Orlando Offer?

Like those across the country, nail salons in Orlando offer a full range of services, including:

  • Manicure

  • Pedicure

  • Full Set Acrylic

  • Fill-In Acrylic

  • Hard Gel Full Set

  • Hard Gel Fill-In

Acrylic nails usually require a combination of liquid and powders, mixed right before your eyes and then brushed onto your nails before air drying. Utilizing the same technology as soft polish gels, gel nails are painted on and then are cured by a UV light, which results in a stronger, harder-to-break nail.

For a full set, you will get all 10 of your nails extended or overlaid with gel or acrylics. Fill-ins are best for when your nails have started to grow in, resulting in a gap between your polish and nail growth, which a fill-in, well, fills in—this is sometimes called a “backfill” as well.

How Long Do These Services Take?

A standard manicure and pedicure take around 40-50 minutes each. A full set of acrylic nails can take anywhere from 45 minutes to a couple hours, varying on the familiarity and skills of your nail technician, whereas a full set of gel nails can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Fill-ins can vary for appointment length, depending on the amount of nail growth since the last visit; these can normally be completed in less than hour.

How Long Do These Services Last?

Generally, for both acrylic and gel nails, you can expect your polish to last about 2 weeks before needing to be replaced. This is in part because your nails have started to visibly grow out. Most polishes, however, will likely need to be touched up before then—simply because of the high use of your hands in your day to day.

How Much Do These Services Cost on Average?

Depending on the level of design you select, nail salons in Orlando can charge along the following rates per service:

  • Manicure $20

  • Pedicure $25

  • Full Set Acrylic $45+

  • Fill-In Acrylic $25+

  • Hard Gel Full Set $65+

  • Hard Gel Fill-In $45+

How Do I Book an Appointment?

With Booksy, booking an appointment is the least of your worries. Simply scroll up to review our nail salon listings in the Orlando area, and you can schedule your next salon visit today!