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Hair Salons in Orlando

From maintaining the health of your hair to treating yourself to fashionable looks and the relaxing pampering of a luxurious salon, hair salons occupy an increasingly important role in the fashion-forward and health-conscious lifestyles of Orlando residents.

In Orlando, you need to encourage healthy hair growth and a fresh bouncy look in particular ways, like:Protecting your hair from heat, which can be a particular challenge in Orlando, given our sunny and warm weather. Minimize the use of heat in your hair care regimen whenever possible.Keeping your time directly in the sunlight minimized, due to the sun’s harsh and damaging UV rays.

What Treatments Are Offered at Hair Salons in Orlando?

Because of the many factors that can affect the appearance and health of your hair, hair salons offer a range of services from monthly maintenance like trims or haircuts to the more extensive damage-erasing, hair color, or styling treatments.

Some of the more popular packages in Orlando include:

  • Balayage: Hand-painted highlighting technique

  • Ombre: Usually dark roots gradually lightening from mid-level to the tips

  • Tape-in or Sew-in/Weave Hair Extensions

  • Bridal Updos and Wedding Services: Many hair salons will even meet you on the go or at your wedding venue, making your big day a little bit easier

  • Root Retouch or Full Coloring

  • Keratin Treatments: Smoothes frizziness and repairs damages

Additionally, depending on the hair salon you choose, some also offer an array of barber, nail salon, make-up, brow and lash services, and more.

How Much Do These Services Cost on Average at Hair Salons in Orlando?

Depending on the extent of the hair salon services you’re pursuing, as well as the products used, the stylist employed, the popularity of the hair salon, and more, there’s no set standard price for each treatment. The prices listed below reflect the lowest rates at quality salons.

On average, hair salons in Orlando might charge you the following amounts per service:

How Do I Book an Appointment?

Booksy makes booking an appointment at a hair salon in Orlando easy! Simply revisit the listings above and peruse the local talent to find your perfect stylist today. You can book directly on our site or app.And if you want to review their featured looks on Instagram, you can now book seamlessly on the stylist’s profile with Booksy as well!