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Different types of men want different types of haircuts. Some may prefer a trendy style that will grab a bit of attention on a night out, while others still want a classic fade to evoke a low-maintenance persona in a busy work environment. Regardless of the style, society still looks favorably upon a clean, well-groomed gent straight out of a barber shop. What services are offered in Orlando? Since Orlando is home to almost a quarter of a million people, a lot of different grooming options are available for a man preparing to walk into a barber shop in Orlando. Here are a few of the more population options: Beard grooming is one example of a service that somewhat recently boomed in popularity. Another service is a hot towel shave. While many barbers offer this service to help clients de-stress, it also has the practical application of softening a beard before a nice, clean shave. Men may also request trends, such as a closely cropped, higher fade with texturized hair on top. How much do barber shop services cost on average? There’s going to be a difference in prices at different shops, as services will fluctuate in cost, especially in a major city. But it’s important to remember that the more elaborate, harder to maintenance requests will usually run a bit extra, cost-wise. In general, a barber shop in Orlando will charge about the following: Salon Cut: $45 Hot Shave Towel: $45 Bowl Fade: $25 Standard Men’s Haircut: $20 Beard Grooming: $20 Buzz Cut: $15 Tapered Cut: $15 Eyebrows: $5 Overall, it’s a huge benefit to have a barber. It’s easy to build a relationship with a professional who asks questions about your individual preferences and remembers those personal details. And keep in mind that booking regular appointments will help a man stay fresh. How do I book an appointment? Booking through Booksy is a quick solution. Simply download our app to view barbers near you in Orlando and make an appointment today. Articles Black owned barbershops in Orlando Mens Fade Haircut Should I Get a Buzz Cut? Mens Curly Haircuts Best Mustache Styles Popular Mens Haircuts Beard trends