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Nowadays, piercings aren’t just a rite of passage for young girls. All over the world, people get ear piercings, nose piercings, and body piercings to add a little something extra to their personal style. In Florida, where soaking up sun is a way of life, you might want to pierce your belly button to show off poolside, or add a few cool, silver hoops to the top of your ear to stand out in one of Orlando’s popular nightclubs. Here are some popular piercing options to help you decide: Belly button piercing Bite piercing, aka anything just above or below your lips Labret piercing, otherwise known as lip piercing Nose piercing Tongue piercing Cartilage piercing, aka any piercing on the upper, outside ridge of your ears Other ear piercing options include Rook, Industrial, Helix, Forward Helix, Daith, Snug, Tragus, Anti-Tragus, Orbital, Inner Conch, Outer Conch, Standard Lobe, Upper Lobe, and Transverse Lobe How Long Does It Take for a Piercing to Heal? Getting a piercing doesn’t take long at all, only a matter of minutes really, but you’ll need to take good care of it during the healing process. Healing time for piercings generally looks like this: Belly button: 6-12 months Nose: 3-6 months Lips and Tongue: 6-8 weeks Ears: 6-8 weeks Cartilage: 6-12 months How Long Does a Piercing Last? Most piercings will last a long time, especially if you take care of them well during the healing process. If you want to stop wearing jewelry in your piercing, some pierced holes, like your nose and ear cartilage, will close pretty quickly and others, like belly button ones, will last years after you take that last stud or ring out. How Much Do Piercings Cost in Orlando, Florida? Depending on the type and location of your desired piercing, the cost will usually run you between $15 and $100. Where to Get a Piercing in Orlando Do you need help finding a place to get a piercing in your area? For great customer reviews and highly experienced staff, use the online health and beauty appointment-booking app Booksy to discover the best place to get a piercing near you. Return to the listings above or download our app to start booking the best today. Piercing Cost in Orlando Many different factors can affect the cost of a piercing. For example, it is much easier to pierce an ear than it is to pierce a tongue. Body piercers take these factors into account when setting their prices. The cost of a piercing can vary widely based on: The location of the piercing on the body The specific piece of jewelry chosen for the piercing The experience level of the body pierce As a general rule, you should expect to pay more or piercings on more complicated areas of the body. Piercing Cost Per Location In Orlando, Florida, the cost of a piercing generally ranges from $30-100, depending on the specific site of the body selected for the piercing and on the type of jewelry since that’s added onto the cost. One Ear: $30-40 Both Ears: $30-50 Eyebrow: $40-50 Tongue: $45-55 Nose: $45-55 Navel: $45-55 Labret: $50-60 One Nipple: $45-55 Genital: $75-100 Piercing Cost Per Jewelry Type It is common practice for body piercers to use only jewelry purchased from their own parlor, so they can be sure of the metal’s quality when piercing clients.This limits the chance for infection, because most infections stem from the material’s interaction with the skin at the piercing site. The better quality the metal, the less likely you are to experience an allergic reaction, which has led to the growing popularity of surgical or stainless steel jewelry. In general, you can expect the materials to be priced accordingly: Plastic body jewelry, $10-30 Metal body jewelry, about $15-75 Clients can expect to pay more for larger pieces as well as part of the body it is intended for. Curved and straight barbells for navel and tongue piercings cost more than simple studs or rings for ear piercings. If gemstones or are cosmetic enhancements are included to the piece, the price can raise substantially. Articles Nose Piercing Guide Ear Piercing Trends How To Take Care Of Your Body Piercing Thinking About Getting A Body Piercing?