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200 Elm St, West Haven, 06516
21 reviews


200 Elm St, West Haven, 06516
Venue Health and Safety Rules


    • Cornrows


  • Box Braids

  • Braid twist styles

  • Crochet styles

  • Goddess/boho

  • Faux locs

  • Feed- In braid styles

  • Knotless braids

  • Modifications

  • No extension

    • Single braids

    • Senegalese twist


  • Touch up and other services

  • Include services

    • Blow dry

    • Hair included

    • Hair for passion twist

    • Hair for butterfly locs


  • Signature braidstyles

  • 1:1 training

    • Beginner training

    • Intermediate

    • Advanced


  • Promotions

    • Butterfly locs (hair included)

    • Passion twist (hair included)

    • Knotless braids (hair included)


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21 reviews
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Briana W…

Mar 7, 2021
Lauren is sweet and FAST! I was done in 2 hours! My hair always looks great!...

Nisha R…

Mar 1, 2021
This was my first time getting my hair done with Lauren. She was very sweet & down to earth. I love her honesty. Great conversation. A cute relaxed atmosphere that was sanitary. My hair came out lovely. First time in years since I've got my hair brai...ded and NO headaches, tension, or pulling of my edges! Clean, neat, work and I am more than satisfied with my service. Would definitely recommend anyone to her. Overall, pleasant experience.

Chelsea O…

Jan 18, 2021
This is my new hairstylist y’all never going back to anyone again. She killed my passion twists !!...

Ahniya L…

Jan 2, 2021
The environment was lovely and she let my boyfriend come in when I expected for him not to be allowed.Overall it was a great experience and I will be coming back for my next style. Thankyou!...

Robin P…

Dec 27, 2020
Excellent job!!! She is honest, reliable and extremely professional....

Yvonne E…

Nov 16, 2020
Lauren was wonderful!!! We had a small hiccup but handled it in the most professional way. Meaning if you have any issues time wise she handles. I wanted blonde hair and she went thru hell and hot water to get it for me. That pushed our time back but... she made sure I got what I wanted. The atmosphere was great I didn’t fell uncomfortable it was like I knew her for years and I just met her. She works very fast so if you want to be out within the time it says on booking she means it lol. For now on I’ll be only going to her for my braids. Very satisfied customer. #supportblackbusiness

Vanessa R…

Oct 25, 2020
Lauren was very professional. She was friendly and engaging. She will give you exactly what you ask for....

Angela J…

Oct 18, 2020
My little sister went and got her hair done, and she was absolutely so nice! Her hair came out amazing nice and soft and neat! Very very nice!!!! 💜💜💜 can’t wait to get mine done!!!...

Allison W…

Oct 11, 2020
Lauren did a great job!!!! Lovely setup with great prices, I couldn’t ask for a better experience...

Lauren L…

Oct 6, 2020
Lauren is very professional, she is welcoming and we had great conversations . I love my hair , it came out so neat !! She went above and beyond and her set up is very beautiful and relaxing. I was 20 mins late because of traffic but she was very un...derstanding .

Jedidah B…

Oct 6, 2020
I arrived to my appointment on time and had to wait an additional 20 minutes for her to start my hair. Her hair station is right next to her kitchen so I had to get my hair done in the smell of food as well as deal with the insane amount of heat that... came from the kitchen throughout her entire apartment. However, I remained patient and kind while sitting in this unprofessional environment!! I then realized that she had an appointment starting at the same time mine was supposed to end! She realized that was a dumb mistake and became pressed for time. She was nowhere close to done with my hair and her next appointment was outside waiting. She then proceeded to switch techniques which caused my hairstyle to not even last a week. I messaged her about the rushed/botched service I received and her response was quite appalling! Not once did she show any genuine concern for the unprofessional service I received! I simply wanted parts of my hair redone but she gave me the option to receive a refund. She offered me a refund that wasn’t even half of what I paid! I paid a total of $205.00 and only received $67.50!! She then had the audacity to say the refund was a courtesy not a necessity!! Her lack of accountability and professional service was truly disappointing. Do not waste your money with this lady.
Replied: Oct 6, 2020
I was waiting for a rude review from you . You had an appointment time and ask for a later time t and I obliged. You were a very difficult customer from the get go and everybody hair reacts differently to passion twist and I have never had a customer complain about any of my services so I would say you are the problem. I offered a partial refund or fixation for any problem you possibly had and you opt for the refund . You then proceed to object to my refund and request what you believed you wanted with ignorance and arrogance. My space isn’t unprofessional as you the same person admired and gave favorable comments about my set up. I was very courteous and understanding and your were very rude. All my other clients have and will always vouch for me . Have your self a great day get off my booksy with your disrespectful self. For all other booksy business owners and service providers this clients has 0 ⭐️ rating

Emily W…

Oct 2, 2020
Lauren is the best!!! She was so understanding, answered any questions I had, and was wonderful to be around. Her set up looks so nice and she made me feel comfortable. I appreciate her hard work so much. Look forward to going back in the future....

Danielle C…

Sep 27, 2020
It was awesome. Lauren is so dope. I had the best time and she killed it with my hair....

Anita A…

Sep 14, 2020
The service was amazing and Lauren is very nice and welcoming !!...

JaiLynne W…

Sep 13, 2020
Professional and friendly! Will definitely come back again!...

Olangwa E…

Sep 4, 2020
Great job....

Christina V…

Sep 3, 2020
Great conversation. Clean and fast work! My go to my girl the very best!...

Cristie G…

Sep 2, 2020
From the moment I stepped into her house I knew my 2 hour drive was worth it. She was very attentive and her work space was very cute, delicate, and clean. I love my hair and her work. I recommend 100%...

Zhanelle D…

Sep 2, 2020
She was very nice. And I love my hair! 😍 Thank you so much 😊...

Julie M. J…

Aug 22, 2020
Lauren, is kind, professional, and very accommodating! She is able to do creative hairstyles to fit your needs in a time-friendly manner....
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