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    • Complimentary Clean-Up (See Details)

      Complimentary Clean-Up/Trim is intended to show love and support to our returning clients: 1. Within 2 weeks from receiving a short haircut OR 2. Within 4 weeks of receiving a long haircut. This service is limited to trimming/cleaning around the hairline edges (sideburns, around ears, neck, front hairline), "fringe", or stylist designated details as needed. Anyone requesting this complimentary service after above period may be subject to a new/full service premium. Premium charged is at the sole discretion of the stylist and is subject to change without notice. Thank you for your continued support, loyalty, and appreciate all of you who respect our team and do your best not to take advantage of this service! Stay RAD!
    • SHORT Haircut

      Why blend in when you were born to stand out? Our Short Haircut is for icons who want a tailored look for their personal brand that calls for short styles, fades, clipper work, or short scissor cuts above the ears. Ready for your new look? Let's make a statement!
      1h 30min
    • LONG Haircut

      Long services include styles from shoulder length hair and beyond! Shall we spoil you? Our signature long service is an opportunity for us to show you what sets us apart & maybe show off a little. In short, it's a RAD Experience!
      1h 30min
    • Hot Towel Shave & Beard Trim

      Shall we spoil you? Our RAD Signature Hot-Towel Shaves & Beard Trims are an experience sure to leave your revitalized & looking sharp as ever. Sit back and let us take it from here.
    • After Hours / Housecall Haircut

      Haircut Appointment made either before we open, after the last client of the day, or on a day off.
      1h 30min


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    6 services


    4 services
    • Makeup ($150/Hour)

      Natural makeup is slightly enhancing the beautiful features that you already have with light to medium coverage.
    • Bridal Makeup Trial

      This service is where we plan the makeup look for your big day through application and questions. Pricing varies in case there is more than one look you’re wanting to test out.
      1h 30min
    • Bridal Makeup

      Congratulations on your big day! Bridal makeup includes your choice of traditional foundation or airbrush foundation with upgrade fee waived! All brides haves lashes and a lipstick touch up kit included with their package!
      1h 30min
    • Photo Ready Makeup

      Needing headshots? Make sure you have your makeup done best suited for close up photography images!


    2 services