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Body Tattoo
3100 Alum Rock Ave, Suite A, San Jose
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Body Tattoo

3100 Alum Rock Ave, Suite A, San Jose


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This was my first time ever coming here and it is not what I expected. I had a tattoo appointment and I'm gonna be honest I probably wouldn't have boo...ked it here if I had known the tattoo artist didn't speak much English. I only booked here because he was one of the few artists I saw online that have done a similar style to how my tattoo was and it actually looked good. My design had to be translated and they might just do that to make sure your tattoo comes out exactly how you want it cause he made some conversation with me during the service, so I think he knew a nice amount of English, but either way it made me nervous a little bit. I saw some of his work here on yelp, so I wasn't scared that it was gonna come out bad or ugly, so the language barrier wasn't a problem for me because I let his work speak for itself (and I wasn't disappointed), but I just wanted everything to come out accurately. Christine was the translator and took care of everything before and after the tattoo service! She was super nice and made the experience better! Tuan did a great job on my tattoo overall, however there were a couple of things on my tattoo that didn't come out anywhere near how I wanted it. It's the chain and vine on the wrist part. I had originally wanted a vine going up and around my wrist and break through the chain and showed them a picture of kind of how I wanted it. They said it was a small area and couldn't really put much detail in that spot, which I totally understood and even expected before I even got to the appointment. My issue with it is the vine is not wrapping around my wrist and kind of just goes up and there is a line that sticks out at the bottom and to me it looks very out of place. Honestly that part looks more like a flower than a vine. And then I wanted the chain around the wrist to be broken. I knew it was a small area so there wasn't gonna be much detail as far as it being broken, but it's not even separated in the middle which was kind of the whole point of me getting that on the wrist to begin with. It kind of just looks like a bracelet. I love the piece as a whole, but it took me a while to actually be happy with this piece because of that part alone. I just wish he had drawn it out so I could see what he was gonna do before he did it (he freehanded that part). Or at least let me draw out what I envisioned in my head and if he couldn't do the separation of the chain I would have rather just left it off, the vine as well. I will probably go to someone else to see if they could possibly make the chain look broken and try to make that line at the bottom not look so awkward. But overall the piece looks amazing, the lines are perfect, crisp and precise. He also added shading on the lip part, which I didn't ask for and wasn't in the original design, but I love it!! I would still DEFINITELY recommend coming here, but only if you have your whole piece thought out, drawn or printed out. If you are adding anything that was not in the original design and might be a little complicated, I would suggest maybe going somewhere else. Show more
Replied: Jun 12, 2022
Body Tattoo
Hello Kamille thank you for your feedback and we will use it work on improving our service to you as our clients. Thank you for your business.
Not gonna lie, I am very picky with where I go and always get nervous when I try out new places. Trust me, if you are thinking of going to this place ...for a Tattoo...book an appoinment right away!!! Great customer service, best tattoo artist, Tuan is very dedicated and he takes every details super serious. Best fine lines I have ever had. The price is soooo reasonable. He uses quality ink, clean and bright working area. Couldn't ask for more. The studio is located inside of A&A Hair Nail, go inside and they will lead you to the back. Probably the best shop I have ever been to. AND I AM VERY PICKY... Show more
Wanted a super simple 11 tattoo on my inner ankle and got exactly what I wanted! They were able to book quickly and the artist was very talented! He f...ree handed this without a stencil and it turned out perfect! Show more
I went here to get a tattoo yesterday and they were super clean friendly and experienced-- and the artist is extremely talented(see pic). Definitely a... hidden gem!!! They said it was 150$/hour but had a promotion deal right now so it was 130/hour---definitely much better than other places charging 300/hour. Christine, the person who does all the booking, made the experience super enjoyable and comfortable. I'm so happy with my tattoo and will definitely be coming back for more:)) Show more
So great to work with! My sister got her first tattoo here and said they were super gentle.
Came here last Saturday for a simple body tattoo and had an awesome experience overall! Christine helped me book my appt and I was bit nervous heading... into the appt but she was so nice and friendly, really made me feel at ease throughout my appt. In addition, she was quick to respond and answered all my questions and more. Tuan was the artist that did my tattoo. He's a great artist with such a light hand - it almost felt painless when he was doing my tattoo. He made the tattoo I wanted better than I expected! Overall great experience. The 2 hours went by so quickly because both Christine and Tuan were also fun to hang around. Definitely gonna come back here for future body tats Show more
I wanted to share my awesome and prestige experience getting my eyebrows done. It was tattoo eyebrow work and they came out absolutely amazing. Clean ...and prompt service. I was so pleased and I've gotten so many compliments from family friends and even strangers about how great my eyebrows look. If your looking for some eyebrow work reach out to them. Show more
Got my tattoo done here. As I was getting my first tatto so was a little nervous but tatto artist did a good job ..Very satisfied
Well.. they went beyond my expectations. Great service, very sanitized and overall- the experience was beyond great. Can't wait for my next tattoo. De...finitely worth all 5 stars.. and more! Will recommend! Show more