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Acupuncture in Chicago

Although there isn’t one magic wellness treatment what will solve all of our problems, there is one that is known to alleviate various types of discomfort, from physical to mental—so, if you haven’t already given it a try, you may want to consider an acupuncture session to target your symptoms. Since making its way over from China to the western world, acupuncture businesses have established themselves all throughout the United States, and even right here in Chicago! Booking an acupuncture appointment is easy and can be done entirely online if you’re scheduling with Booksy. Simply use our convenient application or head over to on your web browser to begin browsing acupuncture and the hundreds of other health, beauty, and wellness services that your city has to offer. What is acupuncture and how does it work? Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine that involves inserting thin needles into specific points within the body to help treat ailments. This wellness practice, stemming from Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), is based on the concept that humans have an energy or life force flowing within them called the qi—and according to TCM, the qi can fall out of balance or cause blockages within the body, and in turn manifest itself as a range of different illnesses. The qi is said to flow throughout the entire body, and it can be accessed through 350 different pressure points, so the main premise is that your acupuncturist can rebalance your qi and clear out any existing energy blockages using the right combination of pressure points. The procedure itself entails using very thin needles to reach the desired pressure points, which are then oftentimes gently manipulated and twisted throughout your acupuncture session, and then left in place for between five to thirty minutes. For a single treatment session, usually between five and twenty needles are used, however because the needles are so fine, most patients rarely report feeling any discomfort. Overall, acupuncture is considered to be a safe and suitable treatment option for a variety of conditions, including but not limited to headaches, migraines, back pain, sprains, high and low blood pressure, anxiety, sciatica, morning sickness, insomnia, allergic rhinitis, depression, and even chemotherapy induced nausea. However, if you have a bleeding disorder or take blood thinners, you should consult with your doctor before scheduling an acupuncture session, as there could be additional dangers and risks involved. How do I choose the best acupuncture service in Chicago? With the help of Booksy, you can browse and book from the best businesses that offer acupuncture in Chicago. Using the Booksy app or the desktop version of our site, you can first fill out the criteria in our search engine including what service you’re looking for, where you’re located, and the preferred time and date of your appointment. After you’ve completed these fields and your results have appeared below, you can select our “Sort by” button to check out the top businesses by choosing either “Top Reviewed” or “Recommended by Booksy”. How much does acupuncture cost? The price of an acupuncture treatment session can depend on a number of factors including the length of time your session takes, the expertise of your practitioner, the location of the business, as well as the scope of the treatment. Oftentimes, an initial treatment session may also include an extra fee for a consultation or a medical exam that is done prior to beginning your treatment. However, you can usually expect to pay somewhere between fifty to ninety dollars for a one-hour session. How do I find businesses that offer acupuncture open now? Find and book acupuncture businesses around the clock, in Chicago, using Booksy! If you’ve found a specific acupuncture business that appeals to you, you can check their hours of operation directly on their Booksy business page. Otherwise, you can begin a search by completing the necessary information in the search bar. If you’d like your search to show results of businesses that are currently open, don’t forget to set your desired appointment date and time, closest to the current date and time.