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While most men visit a barbershop to get their hair cut, many regularly opt to get beard services like trims, shaping, maintenance, or shaves. But there’s another treatment in the beard category that may not immediately come to mind. Need a hint? We’re talking about beard coloring! Beard coloring treatments can be found on barbershop service menus across the United States, including local barbershops in Orlando, Florida. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a tourist visiting this sunshine-filled destination, or you call this city home, with the help of Booksy, you can schedule an appointment for beard coloring in Orlando right from your smartphone. If you’re ready to get started with the easiest booking experience imaginable, download Booksy to your iOS or Android device, or visit to access Booksy from your browser. What is a beard coloring service and how does it work? If you’ve taken a look at yourself in the mirror and have noticed the emergence of gray hairs on your beard or that your facial hair looks patchy in terms of shade, you might want to consider getting a beard coloring treatment. A beard coloring service could be the ideal solution to disguising unwanted grays or simply evening out the overall tone of your beard and it works very similarly to the way hair dye does. When you first arrive at the barbershop for your beard coloring appointment, your barber will start by brushing out your beard and detangling any knots that might be present within the hair. After that, they’ll create a customized beard dye formula for you by mixing the appropriate dyes together that will result in your desired shade. Then, your barber will apply the beard dye, saturating your beard until it's fully covered with the formula. They may even run a comb through your facial hair to be sure that the dye has evenly distributed itself. Next, you’ll sit with the dye applied to your facial hair for a specific amount of time. Once the allotted amount of time has passed, your barber will rinse the beard dye from your hair, concluding the dyeing process. A final step would be to style your beard, which your barber may do using tools like a blow dryer, brush, comb, and serums or oils. Beard coloring services come with a number of different benefits overall. Firstly, this service is relatively simple and quick, meaning you won’t have to spend too much time at the barbershop to achieve your desired look. It also lasts for between two and three weeks on average, making it a convenient treatment that you don’t have to waste time on every day. Lastly, beard coloring treatments keep you looking fresh—and many men agree that beard coloring can help them achieve a younger-looking appearance. How do I choose the best beard coloring treatment in Orlando? At Booksy, we let our clients decide on which treatments and businesses are the best! By leaving trustworthy reviews on completed bookings, our community of customers empowers each other, helping one another discover the best local options. To browse client reviews on beard coloring treatments in Orlando, use the search bar to enter your criteria. After that, you’ll be shown a list of options that you can browse through! Feel free to also use the “Sort by” button if you’d like to instantly arrange your search results by the top choices. How much does beard coloring cost? There are a few factors that come into play when it comes to how much a beard coloring treatment will cost—most importantly, where you live and which barber you go to. At certain barbershops, the thickness and length of your beard can also affect the cost. On the Booksy app or on Booksy via the web, you can view transparent pricing as you browse. Beard coloring near me Spending hours on massive search engines to find nearby services is never fun—that’s why we’ve designed an easy-to-use search engine on Booksy, that will immediately deliver listings from near you. Complete the search fields by specifying what service you’re looking for, where you are located, and what appointment timeframe works for you. Once done, you can start browsing or use the “Filters and Localization” button to search by zip code.