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Walking through just about any neighborhood in Chicago, it’s obvious that beards have made a triumphant comeback in men’s style. You’re bound to see guys from all walks of life sporting everything from a little stubble to one of those lumberjack-like beards that cover the logo on their shirt. Maybe you’re growing a beard for the first time and it’s starting to get unkempt? Perhaps you’re reading this because you’re tired of telling your boyfriend he has food in his beard? No matter what the reason, there are countless barber shops and salons in Chicago offering beard trims that will have your beard, or your boyfriend’s beard, looking sharp. Why Get a Beard Trim? If you have a beard or are thinking of growing one, it’s best to leave its grooming up to the professionals. You wouldn’t try to cut your hair in the bathroom mirror, so why try to sculpt the perfect beard on your own? Beards often get dry and wiry if you’re just doing touch-up trims here and there at home. A barber or stylist will not only trim your beard, they’ll also put a balm or conditioner on it to soften the hair. Your beard will look and feel better, and your significant other will appreciate it too. A professional barber or stylist will help you choose the right beard to fit your style and your face. They will also show you how to shave around your beard. This is great because the last thing you want is to hack off part of your beard the morning after you’ve paid to get it trimmed. Also, no one looks good with a neck beard. How Much Does a Beard Trim Cost in Chicago? A beard trim on its own will run you $15-25 in Chicago. You can also find barbers and stylists who will incorporate a full haircut into the price for one-stop grooming. How Long Does a Beard Trim Take? Beard trims are a quick way to look refreshed and refined. Most beard trims in Chicago only take 10-20 minutes, so it’s easy to get one on your way home from work or before a night out. Finding the Best Beard Trim in Chicago, Illinois Ready to tame your beard with the help of your neighborhood barber or salon expert? Booksy can help you find a professional barber shop or salon in Chicago that offers beard trimming. Many barber shops and salons offer this service, so you can be selective. Return to the listings above or download the free Booksy app to book your beard trim and start treating yourself today.