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Whether you’ve been a natural brunette your entire life and have been thinking about finally going blonde or maybe you want to freshen up your already light hair by going down a shade or adding in some summery highlights—you can book an appointment to a salon for bleaching/lightening in San Antonio to get the hair of your dreams! The key to a great dye job is finding an amazing provider that will work their magic on your tresses, and on Booksy, you’ll find plenty of salons and stylists that offer bleaching or lightening treatments. You can book an appointment directly from the Booksy mobile application, or use your browser to go to booksy.com, your choice! There, you’ll uncover a whole world of beauty, health, and wellness services to book from, bleaching and lightening included. What is a bleaching/lightening treatment and how does it work? Bleaching or lightening treatments are chemical hair services that aim to remove or reduce the pigment within the hair in order for the client to achieve a lighter hair color. Today’s hair industry has propelled the evolution of bleaching and lightening treatments, so you’ll likely find a large variety of options at salons in your area. Take a look below at some of the most common bleaching/lightening treatments offered on salon service menus. BLEACHING Bleaching completely strips the color from the hair through a combination of using an alkaline agent that opens the cuticle of the hair and an oxidative agent that works to rid the hair of its natural melanin. Bleaching is typically recommended for those who want to take their hair shade down a few significant levels, those whose end goal is platinum blonde hair, and those who need a light base for another hair dye color. HIGHLIGHTS As opposed to an overall dye job, highlights only require lightening portions of the hair. During a highlighting procedure, your stylist will segment off certain hair strands and lighten their color. Highlighting comes in a variety of different methods and techniques, with some of the most common ones being foil highlighting, frosting, painting, and chunking. BALAYAGE Not to be confused with highlights, balayage is a highlight-esque lightening treatment that involves your stylist hand painting your strands, as opposed to using traditional highlighting methods. What makes balayage so popular, is that it’s loved for its ultra-natural outcome—it tends to resemble naturally sunkissed locks. OMBRE With an ombre lightening technique, only a portion of the hair is lightened. Ombre creates a contrasting, melted effect where the hair goes from dark roots to light tips. Because the roots are left untouched in their natural state, ombre is an excellent choice for a lightening service that’s more low maintenance than others but one that will still add some dimension and brightness.  How do I choose the best bleaching/lightening treatment in San Antonio?  While each person may have their own opinion on what the best bleaching/lightening treatment in San Antonio is, the collective of reviews doesn’t lie! After you’ve started a search on Booksy using our search bar, you can browse through your options of local listings and read reviews associated with each one. The top reviewed salons and the ones with the highest ratings will be a great indicator of the best services around. If you’d like to quickly view the best bleaching/lightening treatments nearby, simply use Booksy’s “Sort by” filter. Bleaching/lightening near me Our specialty is helping our clients find services, businesses, and treatments in their cities! You can start a search on Booksy by entering the required information into the search bar fields. Just be sure to include the service you’d like to book (bleaching/lightening), the city you’re located in (San Antonio), and a date and time that works best for you. After that, just browse and schedule the one that suits your needs! Additionally, use our features like the “Map View” tool to see all your listings on a map, or the “Filters and Localization” button to browse by zip code.