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Is your hair a little too dark for your taste? Would you love to lighten your hair to bring out your eyes and look stunning for your boyfriend? Then it's time to head to a hair salon for bleaching and lightening. Are you not sure about any good hair salons in your area? Then it's time to fire up a Booksy search to find a diamond in the rough. With a few clicks, you can view all the hair salons in your area that offer bleaching and lightening. From there, you can view their prices, services, and user reviews. Not only that, but you can schedule an appointment straight from the app. Now you can finally lighten up your dark roots in your area at an affordable rate!
Bleaching and Lightening near you

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When I first moved to Fl. I was hopping from one hair dresser to another until I met Monica. She is amazing will follow her wherever she goes.

Carmen V… 25/09/2023

review image by Carmen V…

D' Monique Salon

1100 Plaza Dr, 34743 Kissimmee

If you’re looking to get yourself a new fresh bleach and blonde I definitely recommend going to Sam. Her bleach formula is gentle on your scalp. And lifts with no damage. My scalp often burns and leav...

John N… 09/09/2023

review image by John N…


1640 w division st, 60622 Chicago

What are Bleaching and Lightening?

What are Bleaching and Lightening?

To lighten hair is to use bleach to get rid of dark tones. It's a proper art form, and there are lots of styles you can achieve from it. In general, bleach is used to lighten darker hair and to hide roots. If you're a brunette that wants to party hard and go blonde, then bleaching is what you need! On Booksy, you can find the top-rated stylists in your area that offer bleach. Check out our user reviews to find a stylist that is a wizard at bleaching hair! What to Expect During a Bleaching and Lightening? A bleaching appointment will take some time, so make sure you have an hour to two hours free. An upscale hair salon will have a nice waiting area with comfortable seating and entertainment. In some locations, refreshments are offered during wait times. A trained stylist will be able to achieve stunning looks through bleaching. You can choose from light bleachings to a full bleach out! Make sure that you use Booksy to find the best option. How to Get the Best Bleaching and Lightening? Booksy is your secret weapon when it comes to finding the best hair salon. It's genuinely effortless to compare the prices and services of each location. To indeed find the best, you need to pay attention to our user reviews and recommendations. The top results will be the salons with the highest average user score. Individual reviews will also mention stylists by name, so be sure to pay close attention to them! That way, you can find the absolute best hairdresser that can bleach and lighten your hair! Can Bleach Damage Your Skin? Bleach is a harsh chemical that can damage your skin if it comes in direct contact. That's why it's imperative to find the best stylist in your area. An experienced stylist will know how to keep the bleach well away from your skin. That way, you will achieve a stunning look for your hair without any discomfort. If you feel any burning or irritation during your appointment, let your stylist know immediately. How Do I Make an Appointment for a Bleaching and Lightening? Use Booksy, of course! There's no better way to schedule an appointment than through our app. We'll save you from having to make phone calls and wait for long times at salons. Instead, use our app to make an appointment in just a few minutes. You can view each salon's available times for your convenience. You can even specify specific hair stylists for your visit! You'll love how easy it is to schedule an appointment through Booksy. How Much Does Bleaching and Lightening Cost? With Booksy, you can compare the prices of each salon in your area. That way, you can identify the best location that has the lowest prices. After all, you don't want to go broke; you just want to lighten your dark hair! Also, make sure that the location you choose has affordable prices but also excellent reviews. In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $25 - $45 for bleaching and lightening. We hope you find what you're looking for soon!