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Did you know that perms have been around for more than one hundred years? One of the first permanent hairstyling techniques was created in 1905, but the popularity of perms didn’t actually reach its peak till the big-hair era of the 1970s and 1980s. Today, perms are still around, but they’ve now evolved into a versatile method that’s used to result in a number of different hair textures. If you’re interested in getting a perm but aren’t sure where to start looking to find a skilled hairstylist to give you the perm of your dreams with Booksy. Start a local search, browse nearby businesses, and book an appointment completely online! On Booksy, you’ll find options for perms in San Antonio, plus an entire array of other health, beauty, and wellness-based services that you can choose from. What are perms and what are the different types? Perms are simply chemical treatments that are designed to change the texture of your hair. The term perm is short for “permanent wave” or “permanent”. However, the results aren’t actually permanent—they really last from around several months to a year, making them more of a semi-permanent treatment. In today’s beauty market, you’ll find perms that create a number of different effects. View our guide below of some of the most popular perm effects to inspire you before your appointment! SPIRAL PERM For a perm that will focus on creating coil-like and tight curls, you’ll want to consider a spiral perm. Spiral perms will start curling the hair from the roots, down to the tips to result in a voluminous and bouncy head of hair. BODY WAVE PERM If a spiral perm isn’t for you, but you still love a beachy wave, then a body wave perm will be your go-to option. A body wave perm is the perfect middle ground between curly and straight and tends to produce effects that are similar to the results of a salon blowout. VOLUMIZING PERM Rather than just focusing on altering the texture of the hair to something completely different from your natural one, a volumizing perm can more or less stick to your current texture but maximize on elements of volume. STRAIGHT PERM Though the majority of perms are designed to produce curly or wavy effects, the straight perm does the opposite, smoothing your tresses down to a sleek and straight look. This type of perm might be best for those who have naturally textured hair and limit everyday flat ironing to achieve straight hair.  How do I choose the best perm treatment in San Antonio?  Explore salons that offer perm treatments in San Antonio right on the Booksy app. Our user-friendly platform is available for download for iOS or Android devices, and it’ll only take a few minutes to embark on your first search. Locate the search engine bar and complete the empty fields required for your search query. Your results will then be generated beneath, and you’ll be able to browse the available listings. As you’re browsing, we always recommend our users to check out reviews on salons that interest them. This is the best method of determining the best options near you! Click the “Sort by” button if you need more assistance—this tool will quickly arrange all your listings by the “Top Reviewed” businesses or those that are “Recommended by Booksy”. How much does a perm cost? The cost of a perm can depend on where you go to get it done, your hair’s length, and what type of perm you choose to get. But when it comes to determining perm prices for the San Antonio area, you can perform a search on Booksy and view accurate pricing set by local salons and stylists. Perm near me If you’re used to getting stressed with performing complicated searches on mainstream search engines to find beauty services in your area, stop right there! Now, you can use Booksy to locate and book your favorites in a flash. Add your personal information into the search fields in our search bar and you’ll get your results. Then, you can check out what’s in store for you or use the “Filters and Localization” button to browse a specific zip code. Here, the “Map View” button might also come in handy, to see your listings on a map.
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