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Brazilian Blowout in San Antonio

By now you’ve surely seen dozens of videos showing off women’s beautiful straight and shiny hair. Let’s be honest, they’re everywhere on the internet. You may have also heard the name Brazilian blowout before, but didn’t necessarily know that this was the amazing treatment behind these gorgeous silky strands. Consider this the sign you’ve been waiting for to try out this immensely popular hair service. Read on to learn more about how you can book an appointment for a Brazilian blowout in San Antonio. How can I book an appointment for a Brazilian blowout in San Antonio? Well, with Booksy of course! We do hope you’ve heard of Booksy by now, however, if you haven’t, let us tell you a bit about this awesome invention. See, Booksy is a worldwide available platform that allows you to book appointments for various beauty services, including a Brazilian blowout, without the necessity of calling or texting. The entire process only requires a few taps on your phone or a few clicks on your computer. To start using Booksy you’ll want to head to the Booksy website or open the Booksy app which you can download free of charge on your phone. Moreover, the Booksy app is available both on iOS and Android operated devices, so we’ve got you covered. Ok, so let’s say you’ve got Booksy on the screen in front of you. Now you’ll need to locate the search bar and type in the service you’re interested in and your location, in this case you’ll be going with “Brazilian blowout” in “San Antonio.”  Once you’ve filled out the search bar, Booksy will comb through its database and compile a list of hair salons in your area that offer a Brazilian blowout treatment. And if location is high on your list of priorities, use the “Map View” feature, which will allow you to easily find a hair salon close to you. No more typing “Brazilian blowout near me” into your web browser, we promise! Now, what’ll be left for you to do is choose the salon you like most and pick a date and time for your appointment. Simply confirm your time slot and there you go! You’ve successfully booked an appointment for a Brazilian blowout in San Antonio! What is a Brazilian blowout and why would I want it? The Brazilian blowout is a treatment that was formulated to help fight frizz and tame flyaways. Additionally, it also straightens the hair and provides a smooth shine to your strands. How does it work? Well, first the hairdresser will apply a special liquid keratin formula to the hair. This formula creates a protective layer around each hair and by sealing the cuticle it, in effect, can help protect your locks from harmful external factors. After the formula is applied, the hairdresser will blow dry, then straighten, rinse, and blow dry your hair once again. Heat is necessary to activate the liquid formula’s properties.  The great thing about this treatment is that it is suitable for all types of hair, whether bleached, colored, or permed. Moreover, you can choose how straight you want your hair to be, all you need to do is talk it over with your hair specialist. Your stylist can help you achieve fully straight hair or work it so to keep your hair’s natural texture, just smooth it out a bit.  Finally, it’s worth mentioning that this hair treatment can last up to three or even four months, so you won’t have to come back into the salon that often. All you need to do is follow a few rules, most importantly you’ll want to stop using shampoos that contain sulfates and chlorine. Moreover, you can prolong the effect if you don’t wash your hair as often. But this is of course entirely up to you.  How can I find a salon that has the best Brazilian blowout in San Antonio? To help you find the best salon out there, Booksy created a “Sort by” feature. It allows you to sort the listed hair salons in one of two ways, by “Recommended by Booksy” or by “Top Reviewed.” Furthermore, you can also always check the salon’s rating and read through comments left by previous clients. This way you can make sure you’re choosing the right place!