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Skincare comes to the top of most our minds in the summertime, when there’s more skin on display, but Chicagoans know that once the cold weather comes, so does the dry skin. It’s no easy task to keep skin soft and glowing year round, especially in a place with such temperamental climate as Chicago.

Browse the beauty aisles and you’ll find exfoliating treatments and smoothing lotions that can be applied at home—but can those really give you the deep exfoliation needed to keep your skin beautiful year round?

If you’re serious about your skin, you’ll want to see a professional to take your regimen to the next level.

What Is a Body Scrub?

A body scrub is a day spa service where an esthetician or certified massage therapist rubs you down with a mildly abrasive material, such as sugar or salt, combined with moisturizing oils to exfoliate and hydrate the entire body. Think of it as a facial for the rest of you!

What Are the Benefits of a Body Scrub?

In addition to the benefits of sloughing off old, dead, and dry skin with unparalleled high-quality products, body scrubs are also known to stimulate circulation and assist the body’s natural detox processes—plus it feels great and unwinds your mind!

How Long Does a Body Scrub Take to Get?

Many day spas offer body scrubs as part of a larger spa package or experience, but the body scrub itself can take 50–90 minutes as you are carefully scrubbed, rinsed, and moisturized.

How Long Does a Body Scrub Last?

After a body scrub, you’ll notice a difference in your skin’s texture immediately, and you can expect to enjoy that healthy glow for 1–2 weeks. Body scrub devotees recommend getting the service every 1–2 months to maintain feeling like your ideal you.

How Much Does a Body Scrub Cost?

The cost of a body scrub varies depending on how luxurious you want your experience to be and the products used. Expect to spend between $60–200 for a body scrub in Chicago.

Body scrubs are often included at a discounted rate in a larger spa treatment package, so why not treat yourself to some hands-on massage therapy while you’re at it?

How to Find the Best Body Scrub in Chicago

Ready to unleash your naturally glowing, beautiful skin? When it comes to finding a body scrub expert in Chicago, it’s as simple as browsing the above listings or downloading the free appointment-management Booksy app. What are you waiting for? Schedule your appointment today!