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 Does your skin feel rough or textured to the touch? Then it may be time to book a body scrub treatment that’ll easily restore smoothness to your skin! Body scrubs work by exfoliating the body in a non-invasive way, through applying an abrasive ingredient atop the skin and massaging it into the epidermis thoroughly to remove dead skin cells—and not only that, but body scrub treatments also come with additional benefits like unclogging pores and preventing ingrown hairs. With Booksy, you can schedule appointments for local body scrub massage and spa services directly from your mobile phone or computer to get your skin feeling silky smooth. 
Body scrub near you

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Amazing experience!! The 90 min massage with the Body Scrub far exceeded my expectations. Simon is very intuitive and had the perfect touch. I will book another session the next time i am in Dallas.

Joseph S… 05/08/2022

Simon Suraci Massage

301 S Harwood St, 75201 Dallas

Such a relaxing and friendly environment. Alyssa is always so accommodating with my schedule and making my skin feel fabulous 😁

Maira P… 01/08/2022


5609 stine rd, 93313 Bakersfield

What is a body scrub?

What is a body scrub?

 A body scrub is an exfoliating skin treatment that is designed to slough away dead skin cells, leaving your body feeling fresh and smooth. Body scrub formulas can be based on a few different ingredients, with some of the most popular solutions being concocted from sugar, salt, coffee, charcoal, or herbs. Alternatively, you may find Korean body scrub spa places which use scrubbing mitts to target dead skin in place of a traditional scrub formula. What to expect from a body scrub treatment? Essentially, a body scrub treatment acts as a body scrub massage—which is not only restorative but also relaxing. You’ll be able to lie down on a treatment table where your specialist will massage the scrub formula into your skin on both the front and back sides of your body. Once the entire process is complete, you’ll be rinsed off and your session will end with the application of a hydrating moisturizer. How to find the best business that offers body scrubs near you? Where to go to locate the best body scrub near me? There’s no better place to look for beauty treatments like body scrubs than Booksy. Using our platform, you can check out businesses available to you locally that offer this treatment type and find the leading options through a search. After the search has led you to your results, use a combination of client reviews and the “Sort by” filter options to find the best picks. How do I make an appointment for a body scrub treatment? Making an appointment to a full body scrub spa nearby is easy as pie. You won’t need to bother with picking up the phone to make an appointment for a body scrub treatment—unless you’re using your mobile phone to access the Booksy app, of course. Start a search using Booksy’s search bar to reveal your array of business listings. From there, you can browse through each one and book your selection by clicking the button next to your desired service. How much does a body scrub cost? Professional body scrub treatments usually fall somewhere between the $70 to $150 range when it comes to cost. This price scope usually corresponds with a standard session that lasts around 45 to 60 minutes; therefore, longer body scrub sessions will typically incur an additional fee. It’s also good to note that price points will differ based on establishment type, such as classic spas versus hotel spas. How do you prepare for a body scrub treatment? You don’t have to go all out with the prep for a body scrub treatment, but clean skin is essential! Prior to arriving at the salon or spa for a body scrub, it’s recommended to take a shower at home beforehand, though many establishments do offer shower facilities in-house. After your body scrub, be prepared to put away your razor for up to approximately 24 hours after, and likewise, you’ll want to pass on going into direct sunlight (think the beach or pool) to avoid photosensitive effects after treatment.