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Spray tan in Chicago

Although its not known for being the sunniest city in the United States, Chicago does have a vast number of redeeming qualities that don’t include a sweltering heat wave year-round. However, if you find yourself missing the golden effect of sunshine on your skin, Chicago’s climate may prevent you from achieving that, but a spray tan won’t! We make finding and booking health and beauty services simple. Booksy is the ultimate scheduling platform where you can easily track down your favorite salons and services in your local area and make an appointment to them. You can find our easy-to-use mobile application on the iPhone or Android app store or get going on our web browser version of Booksy. What is a spray tan, how does it work, and how do I prepare? Spray tanning is a form of sunless tanning that gives the effect of a summery tan, without having to use a tanning bed or lay out in the sun. Favored by many for its quick results and uncomplicated process, this method of bronzing the skin is considered to be generally safe, as it is not known to bring the same harmful effects that are caused by ultraviolet rays. The tanning solution used in spray tanning has an active ingredient called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which reacts with the skin’s chemistry to give off a sun kissed look, lasting around five to ten days. The way it works is a very fine mist is sprayed directly onto your skin to attain your desired result. This can be either done manually by a technician using an airbrush gun, or it can be carried out through the use of a special tanning booth. These spray tanning booths are characteristically designed to include several spray nozzles that spritz your entire body with the tanning solution. Though the process of a spray tan is relatively straightforward and undemanding, they do require a little bit of prep work beforehand. Prior to your appointment, there are a few important things to know and consider, so that you can get the best-looking outcome for your spray tan. Firstly, it is imperative to shave and exfoliate the skin with a scrub or exfoliant prior to your visit to the salon. Exfoliation allows for the removal of any dead skin cells, permitting the mist to be distributed as evenly as possible. Likewise, it is highly recommended to remove any makeup, perfume, deodorant, moisturizer, and lotion before your session. The reason for this is, these types of products form a barrier between the skin and the tanning solution and can block the mist from efficiently binding to the skin, resulting in a streaky or splotchy look. How much does a spray tan cost? The cost of a spray tan can vary depending on the method of tanning used (airbrush gun versus tanning booth) as well as your location, however usually a full body spray tan will average somewhere around $25 to $50 dollars. Some salons offer mobile tanning services, where a technician performs the procedure in your own home, which can also result in an additional fee. To view specific pricing, you can browse our base of salons on Booksy that offer spray tans and select the one that best fits your price range.    How do I find salons that offer spray tans open now? Normally, finding businesses that offer spray tans open now would seem like a time-consuming task—but not when you’re using Booksy! On the Booksy website or on the app using your smartphone or tablet, you can begin inputting your information into the required fields in our search engine. Once you’ve done that and selected a time and date that suits your preferences, the results will generate below, and you will be able to view those salons that fit your criteria. Spray tan near me   Locate spray tan services near you, right in your very own city! Chicago is home to a multitude of beauty businesses but flipping through each one individually would seem like a never-ending process—that’s why Booksy is here to help. Simply begin your search by setting your current location when searching for spray tans, and you’ll be able to view your options for spray tans nearby.