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Trying to make healthy decisions about what to eat while on the go can be difficult. Chicago residents are fortunate to have many different food options available to them, but life in the fast paced city means there isn’t always time to think about whether you are eating an adequate diet. What we eat is so important to our overall wellness. Aside from simply affecting our weight, the food we eat also influences our energy level, complexion, immune system, and even how shiny our hair is. If you’re tired of trying yet another trendy diet, too busy to plan out healthy meals for your family, or experience certain medical conditions, you could benefit from consulting with a registered dietician. What is a Dietician? A dietician is an expert on how food affects people’s health. Unlike nutritionists, who do not need to achieve specific educational or licensure requirements, a dietician must have a Bachelor’s degree and pass a national examination before they are able to practice. A dietician can evaluate how the food you eat is affecting your wellness. They can help you implement changes in your diet that will help you accomplish health goals – from dealing with illnesses to losing weight or simply feeling better. Dieticians use cutting edge research to help inform customized treatment plans for clients. There are many reasons someone might choose to meet with a dietician, including: Weight management Women who want to become pregnant or are nursing People experiencing digestive issues Managing chronic diseases (such as Diabetes or High Blood Pressure) People considering gastric bypass surgery People experiencing eating disorders People with food allergies or sensitivities (such as Celiac Disease or Lactose Intolerance) People wanting to improve their athletic performance Benefits of Seeing a Dietician Expert assistance achieving nutrition goals Individualized treatment plan for your lifestyle Useful for a wide range of conditions Improving your diet can lead to improvement in other areas In depth assessment of current nutrition Work towards achieving ideal weight Boost energy and immunity Improve mood Rejuvenate skin and hair How Often Should I Go? The number of times you meet with a dietician will depend on the goals you are hoping to accomplish. Typically, dieticians will want to meet with clients multiple times so they can assess progress and address areas that may need more attention. It is typical for a dietician to meet with clients for four or more sessions to help clients achieve their dietary goals. You can work with your dietician to determine the number of appointments that are right for you. How Much Does It Cost? You can expect to pay $50 - $125 for an initial consultation with a registered dietician in the Chicago area. How to Book a Dietician Consultation in Chicago If you’re ready to change your eating habits, check out the listings above to find the best dieticians in the Chicago area, or download the free Booksy app to explore your options on the go.