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Dreadlocks in San Francisco

Dreadlocks didn’t truly hit mainstream culture until the rise of Bob Marley’s fame in the 1970s, but they continued to remain in style throughout the 1980s and beyond with celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg sporting this signature look. Today, dreadlocks prevail as one of the most classic and well-known protective hairstyles. In fact, they’ve become so established that they’re frequently offered as a standard service in many hair salons, barbershops, and also specialty braiding salons throughout the United States—even in San Francisco! So if you’re trying to hunt down a great salon or barbershop that provides services for dreadlocks in San Francisco, you’ll find tons of options on Booksy. With Booksy, all it takes is a simple download of the Booksy app via your iOS or Android application store to get going with your search for nearby businesses that offer dreadlocks. What are dreadlocks and how do they work? Dreadlocks are oftentimes compared to braids—however, the difference here is that braids can be installed and finished in a matter of hours, whereas dreadlocks take an indefinite amount of time to complete. Also commonly referred to as “locs” or “dreads”, dreadlocks are a type of hairstyle that is formed by matting and rolling hair to form strands that resemble ropes. There are actually a couple of different methods that are used to form dreadlocks. These include backcombing, braiding, and the twist and rip technique. To create dreads using backcombing, your stylist will divide your hair into sections and twist each piece. Then, using a comb, they’ll brush your hair upwards, repeating the process until a teased and matted strand forms. With the braiding method which is also commonly called the “palm rolling method”, your stylist will braid your hair into the decided number of dreads you’ll want. Once your hair is braided, they’ll apply some wax to each braid and roll them between their palms, forming dreads. Lastly, when it comes to the twist and rip technique, which first requires sectioning off the hair. Each section will be twisted at the bottom and then the ends are pulled apart to separate them. Repetition of this process causes the hair to knot and lock itself. But no matter which method you use to achieve dreadlocks, caring for them is of the utmost importance so that they continue to grow healthily and look great. The main key to caring for your dreadlocks is routine haircare step, regularly washing it. Apart from that, it’s important that after every wash, your locks are thoroughly dried. If you don’t have time to let them air dry, use a hairdryer on a low setting. Furthermore, it’s necessary to remember to not retwist your hair too often, as this can cause breakage or thinning. Lastly, practicing proper night care like sleeping with a silk pillowcase, silk scarf, or silk bonnet can help protect your dreadlocks from friction and flyaways.  How do I choose the best service for dreadlocks in San Francisco?  No matter if you’re looking for a barbershop or salon, Booksy is the app you’ll want to turn to in order to help you find the best service for dreadlocks in San Francisco. How to get started? Just use the Booksy search engine bar, which you’ll see positioned at the top of the page. There, you can input your personal information for your search and your results will generate once you’ve done so. Booksy prides itself on its base of credible and reliable customer reviews and reading through them will help you choose the best barbershop or salon for you! However, if you still need a hand, click the “Sort by” button—this will swiftly arrange your results by “Top Reviewed” or “Recommended by Booksy”. Dreadlocks near me Keen on finding the closest businesses that offer dreadlocks? Again, the Booksy search engine bar will be of assistance to you! Just as you’ve already done, enter your search criteria into the three fields, and be sure that you’ve set your location to San Francisco. After that, simply browse through the listings that are available to you. You can also take advantage of using the “Filters and Localization” and “Map View” buttons which will facilitate your search.   Articles Kids Hair Braiding The Most Beautiful Braid Hairstyles Celebrating the History of Black Hairstyles How To Style Natural Hair Celebrating Black Hair How to Avoid a DIY Hair Fail At Home