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Dreadlocks in San Antonio

The true origins of dreadlocks are unclear and have been widely debated throughout history, with some believing they came from ancient Egypt, while others think they hail from the eastern regions of the world, namely India. But regardless of where they actually began, dreadlocks have become a hairstyle that’s been integrated into mainstream fashion over time. Because dreadlocks have only continued to evolve and gain traction in popularity, they’re a widely used protective hairstyle in this day and age, which you can find as a service in various hair salons and specialty braiding salons within the United States. So if you’re thinking about scheduling an appointment for dreadlocks in San Antonio, you’re in luck! Visit Booksy via the web browser of your choice or download the Booksy mobile app for iOS or Android to begin your booking journey and get the dreadlocks you’ve always dreamed of having. What are dreadlocks and how are they done? Dreadlocks are one of the many well-known types of protective hairstyles, which are implemented to safeguard the hair from manipulation and harm. There are many different types of protective hairstyles available, from braids to weaves, but one of the primary differences between those and dreadlocks is that dreadlocks essentially last forever! This means you’ll be able to sport your dreads for the long run without hitting the salon every few weeks for maintenance. Visually, dreadlocks appear as textured strands of hair, which are formed by locking or matting the hair into a rope-like look. The process of forming dreads can be quite lengthy compared to other protective hairstyles, taking anywhere from ten months to a few years to fully lock—however, once locked, dreads are guaranteed to last for years to come. But what does an appointment for getting dreadlocks look like? Let’s delve in. There are a few different methods of forming dreads, but the final outcome will be the same. We’ll explore one of the most common methods, which is known as backcombing. But no matter which method your stylist uses, it won’t change the effect of their appearance. All dreadlock installation methods start with clean hair, so your stylist will first wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner to free it of any impurities and give it a dose of moisture. Afterward, your hair will be either airdried or blow-dried to prepare it for styling. Then, once the hair is dry, your stylist will part your hair into sections. These sections can vary in size depending on your personal preference—for smaller and thinner dreads, go for smaller sections, for thicker ones, ask your stylist for larger sections. After that, each section will be split into two separate strands and twisted to form a wrapped strand. Next, using a fine-toothed comb, your hair care professional will tease the twisted strands upwards to begin the locking process. This step is continuously repeated until the hair starts to mat and form a dreadlock-like appearance.  How do I choose the best service for dreadlocks in San Antonio?  Looking for a great salon that offers dreadlocks in San Antonio? Ask and you shall receive! With Booksy, you can find the top salons in your area by using our search feature. Just enter your personalized search information into the search bar’s fields and instantly find the best picks by reading client reviews on available listings or by using Booksy’s “Sort by” feature and choosing to sort by “Top Reviewed” or “Recommended by Booksy”. Dreadlocks near me Booking an appointment for dreadlocks near you is simple. To find local options in your city, fill in the search bar fields with the name of the service or treatment you’re searching for (dreadlocks), where you are currently located (San Antonio), and an appointment date and time that suits your schedule. Once finished, you’ll be shown listings from the San Antonio area—all of which you can book appointments to. Additionally, you can use other helpful aspects like the “Map View” or “Filters and Localization” buttons to further help you.   Articles Kids Hair Braiding The Most Beautiful Braid Hairstyles Celebrating the History of Black Hairstyles How To Style Natural Hair Celebrating Black Hair How to Avoid a DIY Hair Fail At Home