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With most protective hairstyles, it’s a matter of sitting in the salon chair for a few hours as your stylist installs your braids, weave, or wig—and while a few hours may seem like a lot of time, it’s nothing compared to how much time dreadlocks take to complete. Achieving dreadlocks can take from several months up to a few years to fully attain, so if you love the look of locs but don’t want to commit to the lengthy installation process, faux locs will be of interest to you! Faux locs are the perfect alternative to classic dreadlocks, and you’ll be able to book an appointment for faux locs in Chicago directly from your smartphone or computer if you’re using Booksy. But what is Booksy? We’re an online booking platform that is designed to simplify and expedite the traditional appointment scheduling process. No more calling businesses or spending hours getting lost in search engine wormholes, with Booksy, you can quickly search and schedule an appointment in just a few minutes! What are faux locs and how are they done? Faux locs are basically a way of achieving the appearance of dreads, without the commitment and hassle! This type of protective hairstyle that is done in a fraction of the time is also known as synthetic dreads or dread extensions. Faux locs take around only around four to nine hours to install on average, and they tend to last around four to six weeks before they need to be redone or touched up. There are a couple of different methods of creating faux locs, but the most popular way is using the wrapping method—which we’ll explain below. But before jumping into the installation process, your faux loc appointment will first begin with prep that includes washing, conditioning, and drying your hair. Like all protective hairstyles, faux locs present best when working with clean hair that’s free of debris and buildup. Once your hair is prepped, your stylist will first braid your hair in sections and feed extension pieces into it if you’re looking to achieve faux locs longer than your natural hair. Then, when your natural hair is braided, they’ll begin to wrap more hair extension pieces around your braids to create a dreadlock-like look. Finally, once everything is tightly wrapped, the ends will be secured, and the process is complete. As an optional last step, you can also opt to level up your faux locs by having your stylist add decorative elements like beads or hair charms.  How do I choose the best service for faux locs in Chicago?  If you’re looking for an amazing salon to visit for faux locs in Chicago, then Booksy will show you the top options for all of Chi-Town! All it takes is performing a quick search using our search engine bar, by completing the empty fields with your information. After that, you’re free to peruse your listings and check out what other Booksy users are saying by glancing through some reviews. Additionally, you’ll also be able to use the “Sort by” button to sort your results by “Recommended by Booksy” or “Top Reviewed”. How much do faux locs cost? The cost of faux locs will largely depend on the size, length, and thickness of locs you’d like to achieve as all of these factors can impact how much time it’ll take to complete your faux loc installation. Similarly, where you go and what city you’re located in can also play a role. However, if you’re scheduling an appointment via Booksy, you can find accurate pricing on our platform by performing a search for faux locs in Chicago. Faux locs near me One benefit to using Booksy is that our platform acts as your personal GPS for finding your favorite beauty and health services nearby! To discover the closest establishments that offer faux locs in Chicago, enter your search-related information into the Booksy search bar. If you’ve correctly entered your current location, you’ll be able to browse salons across The Windy City. If you’d like to delve deeper into your search, try using the “Filters and Localization” tool to pinpoint salons within a specific zip code. Furthermore, you can use the “Map View” tool to see all your listings on a handy map.