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Box Braids in Chicago

They don’t call it the Windy City for nothing—with its known, oftentimes frigid, breezes cascading through the city’s streets and alleyways, a silk scarf or a hat just won’t do when it comes to keeping our hair intact. Nix the thought of flyaway hairs and tattered ends and instead consider going for a protective style, like box braids, that will limit the effect of environmental factors on your tresses.  So, can I book a box braiding appointment online? Absolutely! Using Booksy, you can schedule an appointment to the salon of your choice in just a few easy steps. Our health and beauty-oriented platform gives you the power to browse businesses, explore pricing, and schedule a visit in one place, without having to jump from website to website or waste time calling salons to inquire about their services. What is a box braiding service and how does it work? Generally, braiding is a style of plaiting hair, using three or more strands interlacing with one another, to form a distinct woven pattern. This method of styling hair, originally rooted in African and later Caribbean culture, has made its way to the world of mainstream trends as not only a protective hairstyle but also a fashion statement. There are countless different styles of braids that are worn today, so there’s no shortage of options to look into, but box braids prevail as one of the most beloved braid styles of the current times. So, what exactly are box braids? Well, it’s all in the name—box braids get their moniker from the way the sections of hair for each braid are parted. Before the actual braiding process begins, your stylist will part your hair into separate sections that are essentially box shaped. Then, each of these squared-off “boxes” of hair will then be woven as a single braid, repeating the process until the entirety of the hair is braided. The beauty of box braids and one of the aspects that makes them so popular, is that they come in many different varieties. Although the main premise of having the hair parted into square shaped sections remains constant among all box braids, the actual style may vary. Just like other hairstyles, box braids can be short or long, woven thicker or thinner, and can even be dyed any color of your choosing. Furthermore, box braids can also be spiced up with additional elements that can add dimension and distinctiveness to your braids, such as beads, shells, hair hoops, or yarn wrap. How do I find the best braiding service in Chicago? With hair-oriented businesses seemingly positioned on every street in Chicago, the mere thought of finding the best box braiding service can seem overwhelming. Thankfully, Booksy simplifies this process, allowing you to sort your results by the top reviewed salons that offer box braiding. After your own appointment, don’t forget to leave a review so that future clients like you can hear your feedback! How much do box braids cost? The cost of box braiding will vary depending on any number of elements including the location of the salon, the time it takes to braid the hair, the length of the hair, and the thickness of the hair, to name a few. Moreover, certain braiding add-ons that can be woven into the hair, such as cowrie shells or beads, can result in an additional surcharge. For the exact pricing of a box braid service in Chicago, you can view each merchant’s prices on Booksy next to the service offered. Box braids near me Looking for a salon that offers box braids in Chicago? No problem! Booksy can help you locate and schedule a box braiding service near you, today. Start by downloading the Booksy app on your mobile device or tablet, or you can view our webpage via your browser. When you’ve made it online, use our search bar tool at the top of the page and fill out the necessary criteria: the service you’re looking to book (box braids), your location (Chicago, Illinois), and an appointment time frame that fits your schedule. Our search engine will return an array of results, which you can also further filter by zip code or specific treatment. Articles Kids Hair Braiding The Most Beautiful Braid Hairstyles Celebrating the History of Black Hairstyles How To Style Natural Hair Celebrating Black Hair How to Avoid a DIY Hair Fail At Home