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Foot Massage in Tampa

Did you spend too much time rocking out on your feet at the Sunset Music Festival? Or perhaps Gasparilla Season was a bit more taxing than you remembered? Of course, feet don’t need a reason to hurt so whatever the cause of the pain, why not let one of Tampa’s foot massage experts rub your toe woes away?

What Are Foot Massages?

A foot massage is so much more than just a massage for your feet! Your foot massage therapist is typically trained in reflexology, which means that they know just what points to press for ultimate relaxation. And not just foot relaxation!

Pressure points in your feet are connected to other spots all over your body, so you could leave your neighborhood foot massage place with less pain everywhere!Here are some fast foot massage facts:

  • Most foot massages include a pre-massage foot soak, for hygiene and also because no one gets paid enough to rub stinky feet

  • Do wear pants you can roll up to your knees so your feet can soak and your clothes don’t

  • Often you can add on extras like a hand massage or a neck and shoulder rub-- just ask!

How Long Does a Foot Massage in Tampa Take?

Usually a foot massage is 30 minutes, although adding on extras will also add on time.

How Much Does a Foot Massage in Tampa Cost?

Foot massages in Tampa range from $20-$40 for 30 minutes. Typically, added services like a neck rub will cost an extra $5-$10.

Where to Get a Foot Massage in Tampa?

Have you decided that enough is enough yet? Your feet support you, so now is the time for you to support them with a foot massage. And we make it easy to book an appointment to do so. Just download the Booksy app or return to the listings above to start booking today!