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Couples Massages in Tampa

Are you looking for a relaxing, sensual activity for you and your partner? Maybe you’re coming to Tampa for your wedding or honeymoon, or maybe you live here and need an escape.

A couples massage for you and your partner can be a great getaway, whether it’s for one evening or part of a long romantic weekend.

All About Couples Massages in Tampa

A couples massage is done simultaneously, with one massage therapist for each partner. Partners may be asked to remove all or most of their clothing, and the spa or therapist will provide robes and towels to keep you covered.

Most couples massages incorporate music, deep breathing exercises, or other relaxation techniques to provide a calming, romantic experience for you and your partner. Various amenities may be provided depending on the massage service or spa package chosen.

Some couples massage services come in a package that offers additional services such as a steam shower, hot soak, pedicures or manicures, facials, or other spa treatments. Some packages provide foods, chocolate, or wine.

Types of Couples Massages

Just like single massages, there’s a variety of types of couple’s massage. Some of the most popular include:

Based on what you and your partner are looking for, some types of couple’s massage may be preferred over others. Different spas or massage therapists may offer certain types of massage based on their training, expertise, and preferences.

How Long Does a Couples Massage Last?

A couples massage typically lasts between 50 minutes and 90 minutes. Some massages may last longer, especially if they include add-on services.

The physical effects of a massage can last for a few days to a couple weeks, depending on the kind of massage. Some massages may leave you and your partner feeling sore for a day or two afterward, while others leave you feeling relaxed immediately.

How Much Does a Couples Massage Cost in Tampa?

A couples massage on its own can range from $120 to $200. Many spas offer a couples package or themed couples packages that include a couples massage as one part of an overall spa day.

How to Find A Couples Massage in Tampa

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