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Full Body Massage in Tampa

Are you stressed out? Or is that persistent pain in your shoulders moving down to the rest of your body? Tampa is such an easy, breezy, sunny place to live, but even the best of cities can be stressful sometimes. Why not treat yourself to a full body massage at a spa nearby?

What is a Full Body Massage?

A full body massage typically means a Swedish, or deep tissue massage, although you can also get a Chinese, Thai, or Indian full body massage. Generally, these massages will be labeled as such.

Swedish full body massages are given by a licensed massage therapist, who knows how to manipulate the muscles and soft tissues of your body, giving you relief from stress and general physical pain. Primary focus will be on:

  • Back

  • Shoulders

  • Neck

  • Arms/hands

  • Legs/feet

You may also ask your Tampa massage therapist to focus more on one area than another, or let them know if you really hate having your feet touched. Most massage sessions will include a brief consultation at the beginning, so that your massage expert can give you the best massage possible!

Benefits of a Full Body Massage

  • Reduces stress, tension, and anxiety

  • Relieves general pain and stiffness

  • Releases feel-good endorphins

  • Improves skin tone

How Long Does a Full Body Massage Take?

In Tampa, most full body massages are an hour long. However, when available, a 90 minute massage is a great option if you have a lot of pain, or even if you just want to feel extra relaxed!

How Much Does a Full Body Massage in Tampa Cost?

A full body massage in Tampa starts at approximately $50 for one hour and $80 for an hour and a half.

Where to Get a Full Body Massage in Tampa

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